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8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Best Friend

Pretty much everyone has at least one best friend, someone whom they can be themselves around, and send memes to at 2am without getting called annoying. These are the type of friends you cherish, and stay close to for the rest of your life.

But what happens if a line is crossed? A line that shouldn’t be crossed by two friends. You two end up having sex, it might’ve been unexpected or planned, but it’s something completely new to the two of you. If you’ve ever considered having sex with your best friend, I suggest you get that idea out of your head.

There are 7 billion people on this planet. Are you willing to risk your friendship over a one night thing, or the chance that there might be something more between you two? If you two have been friends for a while now, without anything romantic/sexual happening between you two, then it’s best to play it safe and not cross that line.

Your relationship becomes obscure

Where do you guys stand now? I mean before you were just friends, best friends. You’ve never seen them as a potential love interest before. Now you two have slept together, so where does that leave you? You might not be able to got back to being best friends who hug, have sleep overs, and go out for drinks as “just friends.” You no longer know where your relationship stands, and it can be nerve wrecking.

Hanging out might get awkward

Hanging out can be awkward because the memories of sleeping together continue to replay in your mind. Then you’ll find yourself not being your usual relaxed and free self around them. You’re starting to treat them as you would a high school crush: awkward and clumsy.

Your always going to wonder if “it” might happen again

Your going to be constantly stressed out over the idea of whether or not it’s going to happen again. And you might be even more stressed out over the fact that your not sure whether or not you want it to happen again.

It can create distance

It can create distance between you too. Either one of you or both of you start distancing yourselves in hopes that things will go back to where they were originally.

What happens if the feelings aren’t mutual?

If you or your best friend star developing feelings, and they’re not reciprocated, it can cause problems. There can be tension and definite awkwardness, which can deteriorate your relationship with them.

jealousy could destroy your relationship

Jealousy was never a factor before, but now its risen its ugly head and is slowly eating away at your friendship. Soon your relationship with your friend will become toxic because of these strong feelings that can’t be helped. It can cause you two to part ways in the end.

It might not be something that can be left in the past

You might try to leave the incident in the past, hoping they never bring it up ever. But it might become impossible to avoid, feelings can develop, or they might want to just clear things up. But once it’s brought up again, it feels as though it will just never go away.

Feelings you never had before might develop

You might’ve never had romantic feelings for your best friend before, but now you find yourself looking at them differently. Next thing you know, you’re starting to consider whether or not you might actually have feelings for them. This can cause you pain as you try to hide the fact that you have a crush, or it can hurt you when they reject your feelings.

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