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8 Reasons Why Sleeping with Someone will Always be Better When You’re in Love with Them

When you love someone, having sex takes on a whole new meaning for the two of you. The feelings you have for one anther, make the sex more intense, and for many, more pleasurable.

Sex with someone you love, differs greatly from just a hook up with a stranger, or with someone whom you don’t have strong feelings for yet. There is a level of comfort and openness which you can’t really achieve with a stranger.

Here are 8 reasons why sleeping with someone will always be better when you’re in love with them.

There Are No Nerves

When having sex with someone you love, you feel more comfortable and safe with them. This is someone who loves you even with all your flaws and insecurities. Knowing that they accept you and love you makes you feel more free and open during sex, making it more pleasurable for the both of you.

You Stay Afterwards

Theres the always nice feeling before, after, and during sex in which you feel content and secure knowing that you too will continue to be together even after sex. The feeling of joy you feel with them during sex, can continue through out the day only to manifest in a feeling of happiness you can have without having sex.

It’s More Fun

When having sex with someone who your still getting to know, having sex seems like a job that you have to prove you’re the best at. But when having sex with someone you love, you’re able to truly enjoy yourself and even joke around a bit.

You Feel Special

Sex is more enjoyable because you know that they find you special, as well as attractive. When you hookup with someone, the attraction is mainly based on physical appearance. But when your in love with each other the feelings are more intense, and you it can boost your moral during sex. Also you don’t feel as if you’re being used by them afterwards, that you two mutually appreciate and adore one another.

You Don’t Have to Worry About STDs

Having sex with someone you love, means that you two trust each other and are in a serious relationship. There’s a sense of security that comes with having sex with someone you love, like not having to worry about STD’s (because honestly at this point you two should’ve gotten tested) because you two are seriously involved with one one another, and no body else. And if an accident were to happen, such as a condom breaking, you know that this is someone whom you can rely on to deal with the situation together with.

You’re Concerned About Each Others Pleasure

You two love each other, so you also care about wether the other person is enjoying themselves during sex. This desire to please your partner and not only yourself, will make sex more enjoyable for the both of you.

You Know Each Others Bodies Better

You two are familiar with each others bodies, so you don’t need t take much time to explore one another. You two know each others more sensitive spots, and favorite actions and positions–skipping over all the awkwardness of figuring out each others likes and dislikes.

You Can Try New Things

Being in love with each other, you two are comfortable enough to try new things, and experiment a bit. This can lead to new, exciting, and even pleasurable new discoveries for the two of you.

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