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8 Reasons Why You Should Start Looking Forward to Thanksgiving NOW

November 23rd, 2017 is a little over 8 weeks away. It’s significance? Thanksgiving!

Given Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, bags of candy already displayed in grocery stores, and the classic apple cider glazed doughnuts, we know Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It always seems to approach fast. The summer ends, fall begins, and Halloween somehow happens. Thanksgiving is next on the calendar. While everyone’s Thanksgiving is different, there seems to be some unifying components that make Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving.

Here are 8 reasons why you should start looking forward to Thanksgiving NOW:

The break

Do you work? Are you in school? These few days will give you a relief. Maybe you need to study for finals. Work on that project or report. The Thanksgiving break will give you that time. While those days seem to be packed and pass oh-so-quickly, set aside a period to relax. Even for just a moment. Maybe that moment is the meal.

The obligation

You have been invited to multiple Thanksgiving meals. Where should you go? You could factor in the company, the food, the location. It’s overwhelming, but know that your presence is welcomed. And what if you are cooking? Get to the grocery store early – peel those potatoes, flour the dough, and cut the tips of the green beans. Or at least help. You’ll find it rewarding.

The table

Where are you going to sit? Across from your grandparents? The kids table? Next to the mysterious “second cousin” you have never even heard of? Keep in mind that where you sit could “make it or break it.” Maybe you’ll sit next to the relative who gives all the dirty secrets of the family. You pretend to not be interested. But you are.

Giving thanks

What are you thankful for? This meal. The company. Your health. Your relationship. Your finances. There are many things to be grateful for. Share that with others. Show them, tell them. Do something about it. Maybe everyone goes around the table and voices what they are thankful for. Try it! It will make your obligation, your seat placement, and the food that is getting cold that much more exciting.

The food

Turkey. Mashed potatoes. Gravy. Stuffing. Green Beans. Cranberry sauce. Rolls. More Rolls. Rolls, again. Pumpkin Pie. Apple Pie. Homemade whipped cream. Need I say more?

The nap

The meal is over, the table is clear, the dishes done. Now what? What do you do? Watch a movie? Take a walk? Sit by a fire? Nah. Nap! That is the best part. Lay in your bed, on the couch, or even plop yourself down on the floor and sleep. You’ll wake up eventually – and after opening your eyes, they will close once again.


It’s the day after and there are still pounds of turkey, bowls of mashed potatoes, and bags of rolls. Leftover Thanksgiving dishes almost taste better than the day of. Butter the bread and heat the turkey. Can’t wait? Make yourself a sandwich. Pick from the fridge when no one is looking. Thanksgiving meals taste great cold, too.

What’s around the corner?

Ugly sweaters, turtlenecks, velvet, and boots. It’s fall – and soon, winter. Christmas is coming. Hanukkah is almost there. New Years as well! There are just as many reasons to look forward to those holidays, too.

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