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8 Reasons Summer Internships Are The Best Experience

Summer time is a great time to get out and try new things.  It’s a good time to get a new job or try an internship.  Internships are great things to put on your resume and can be loads of fun if you make them.  Try to intern in a new city, or try to intern somewhere you never thought you would’ve.  Here are 8 reasons summer internships are the best experience:


A summer internship is a great way to network with people, and get gateways to other jobs.  This is one of the reasons you should never be a pain in the ass because it’ll come back to bite you in the ass.  You have to be the best you, so you can get a good recommendation letter, and your boss will talk about you to other people they know in the business world.

Amazing Boss

Hopefully wherever you intern your boss is pretty cool.  Having a shitty boss makes the experience pretty awful, and sometimes a waste of time.  Find someone who actually wants to have an intern, and doesn’t mind teaching someone and answering questions.  The cooler your boss, the more fun the job.

New Friends

Wherever you intern, in your city or somewhere else, you’re bound to make new friends.  Befriend your coworkers so they can help teach you the ropes of the new city, or of the work world in general.  If you don’t come out with new friends, you failed at your internship; just saying.

New City

It’s summertime! Get out of your comfort zone and intern in a new city.  It’s so much more fun to be able to explore somewhere new the whole summer.  It might suck in the beginning because you probably won’t know anyone, but once you get the ropes of things you’re going to have one of the best summers of your life.  It’s a great way to do a bit of traveling before you get a real job and have to stay in one city.

Good to do before college

If you’re in high school I recommend trying to look for an internship, or internship program now.  This will benefit you so much right now. I know it sucks to give up your summer, but if you find a cool place to do it, like New York City, it can actually be pretty fun.  Doing it before you get to college can always help you figure out what you want to study in college.  I did an internship at News Cult this summer to figure out if I actually wanted to study journalism in college, and this helped me affirm that this is what I’m going to continue pursuing.

Feeling of independence

There’s nothing better than the feeling of independence.  If you get the internship on your own feel free to brag about it all you want because that’s pretty impressive.  It’s exciting because you get to learn the ropes of a company and by the end of it you’ll practically be a professional.  Make sure to use this newfound independence wisely, and don’t screw things up.

Could lead to a real job

If you really enjoy the place you’re working at and you proved you’re really good at what you’re doing you could come out of it with a real job at that company.  That’s one of the reasons you should always take wherever you’re interning seriously.  If it doesn’t lead to a job at the first place you intern at, your skills could help get you a job the next place you intern. Be patient and be positive.

New experience

It’s a new experience. No two companies are going to be alike.  Even if you’ve interned a million times you’re always going to be completing different tasks.  Try to make the most of the experience by always asking questions and asking for new things to do.  It will only be as fun as you make it out to be, so be enthusiastic about whatever task you’re working on.

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