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8 Reasons it’s Time to Stop Having Casual Sex

You might have casual sex from time to time, but it shouldn’t become normal behavior. Sex should have some meaning to it. Sure, it can be pleasurable either way, but there’s no sex like the kind when you actually like someone.

Having casual sex can put your health, happiness, and peace of mind at risk. It can also affect you in the long run when it comes to finding a partner, or trying to establish a relationship with someone you truly like.

So, yes, casual sex can be fun, and allow you the freedom to to enjoy yourself without feeling constrained. But wouldn’t you rather establish a healthier sex and love life?

You’ll become numb to intimacy

Intimacy will no longer become a factor in sex. Instead sex will just become a physical feat which you feel the desire or obligation to do. Intimacy is what makes the sex more meaningful and pleasurable. When it’s taken out of the equation, the act itself can be pleasurable but the moment shared between you and the person has no meaning or special hold in your memory.

Higher chances of catching an STD

When you have casual sex regularly with different partners there’s a higher chance of catching an STD. If it’s casual sex, that means that neither you or your partner or partners are obligated to have an exclusive sexual relationship with you. Meaning, they can have sex with other people, which also increases the chances of them passing on something to you from them.

You will find yourself only craving sex and not the actual person

Instead of craving time spent with another human being, or creating emotional bonds, you instead only crave the sexual release you get from them. You can end up becoming disconnected and fail to see your partner as a person rather than an object of sexual gratification.

It will be difficult to establish a meaningful relationship

Establishing a meaningful relationship can become difficult. Since commitment is involved now, your sexual energy won’t be enough to keep them around. You have to put in effort and show that you want to be with them, by putting more emotional rather than physical energy into the relationship.

Avoid regret later on

Having casual sex can lead to regret later on when you think back at past bad experiences that you wish you didn’t have. Or maybe it’s an STD or pregnancy scare that will put your life into perspective. But if you were to catch something or have an unplanned pregnancy with someone you barely know, then you’ll really start to feel regretful.

Bad habits die hard

When you finally do find someone who you’re attracted to (not only physical), it can be difficult to give off the signals that you want to continue dating, rather than giving the “hey lets go to my place” vibe. You might be used to just having casual sex, so when it comes to dating, you have to constantly remind yourself that no matter how bad you want to, you shouldn’t have sex on the first date … or second.

Instead of having been with many, it might be nice to have a constant “one”

Instead of having a high body count, it would be nice to have had been with someone who was consistent. You can rely on them, you know that you can come to them for your sexual needs, and that the could also be a support system. Whether this is someone your dating, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s someone who symbolizes consistency which is important in life.

You’ll save money on condoms, plan-B, and the every 2 week co payment at the clinic

Quit having casual sex, and you can start saving up on money. No more spending $8 on packs of condoms, or $50 on plan B if an accident happens. And the routine check up to the clinic doesn’t have to be as frequent, still regular but atlas you can pocket some of the copayment.

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