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8 Reasons Why Traveling With Your Friends Will Bond You Forever

Because your friends can become your family.

Everyone loves to go on a getaway and there’s nothing like a vacation with friends. If you think about it, your friends are special people because they are people you choose to have in your life. Family, although lovely are people we’re assigned to. We love them but in the end we have to tolerate one another because we’re blood. Friends are special people that you connect with and ultimately become so essential in your life just like family.

And similarly to family, you want to do fun things with your friends. Check out new places and experience life’s greatest memories. Let’s be frank here, your friends will always be way more fun to hang out with because they’ll allow you to get naked wasted and make out with a stranger and not judge you for drinking so much, you peed in the bed. From my experience, I’ve noticed that traveling with friends creates a bond that is tough to break; a bond that will last a lifetime.

Planning the trip is a flashlight to their stressed selves 

Hear me out. Planning a trip with friends can alleviate a lot of pressure for you. Each person in the friendship group has the strengths and its put to good use during the planning process. Obviously Rebecca who is a type-A will handle the flights and Trudy who knows all the hot spots will be in charge of the itinerary. Everyone has their job in the planning process and creates an awareness for who your friends are when put under pressure. That creates a major connection instantly.

Sharing products is the direct line to your soul

When you go on vacation, you tend to forget the dumbest shit like a razor. Luckily, your friend Stacy brought a razor and offered it to you. As unhygienic as that sounds, it’s very similar to the idea of pricking your hand and becoming “blood brothers”. There is no deeper bond than when your friend offers you her razor.

The photos are memories

The best part of traveling in groups is the ability to create memories anywhere! And because this is 2017, we take pictures of everything. One day you’ll look back at the selfie you took with your girlfriends at the top of Machu Picchu and drift off in the memories of your youth. That type of photograph can create a story, a picture is worth a thousand words. The people in the image will live on forever.

They see the quirks that only you see

We all have certain rituals that we partake that no one really sees except for us; that is until you go on vacation with your friends. I rub Vicks Vapor Rub on my face because I swear its the cure for pimples, when a person sees me like that, it better be someone who’s gonna be around forever.

Inside jokes keeps others on the outside 

The whole point of an inside joke is that they are between the people on the “inside” and excludes the others. Your boyfriend from Russia will have no idea what you’re talking about when referencing an inside joke unless he was there. But the friends you went with to Daytona Beach during Spring Break will know exactly what you meant.


Bathroom habits. Whether it’s number 1 or number 2, if they can smell what’s exiting your body, then they know who you truly are.

You understand one another more

Certain topics of conversation come up when you’re drunk on the beach and talking about life. You have a real conversation with no inhibitions and completely sharing yourself with another person is trusting.

Because you were probably destined to be best friends anyway

The fact that you’re even planning a trip with your friends proves that you like them enough to spend every fucking hour of the day with them. To jump into that type of commitment proves that you already have a strong bond with that person and aren’t afraid to go there. And once you go there, you’ll realize that the bond only gets stronger.


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