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8 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Is The Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

Traveling alone is not pathetic, it's liberating

Society pretty much teaches us that traveling is an activity meant to do with another person or even a group. I have a friend who wouldn’t dare walk into a restaurant alone, much less go on a vacation solo. There seems to be a negative connotation with people doing things alone, as if the entire world is pitying their solitude. There is a huge difference between being alone and being lonely.

Traveling by yourself is a scary concept for people to understand. But, there’s so many positive points to traveling alone that will make you wonder why you haven’t gone off by yourself before! The freedom of exploring the world as yourself is intoxicating and the opportunity is open to anyone willing to try. I’m sure there will still be those who need convincing and the list could go on and on but I’ve limited it to the most important points. Traveling on your lonesome doesn’t have to be loathsome.

Planning is so much easier!

Anyone who has had to coordinate a plan with someone knows the stress that it can entail. Between getting everyone on board and attempting to get seating near one another, the whole ordeal could cause angina. When you just have to worry about yourself, it lifts off the load!

You get to choose the itinerary

Backpacking on planning, you are the boss of the entire trip when you travel alone. You don’t have to worry about Nelson’s aversion to heights or Candace’s allergy to spicy foods because you are the only person on the trip. You want to jump off a plane naked? You can do it because you are the boss of the itinerary.

The ability to make new friends

Making friends as an adult can be a bitch. As it turns out, grown-ups are much harder to bond with in creating a meaningful friendship. The beauty about traveling alone is the opportunity to make friends because you have no other choice. You are forced to talk to the locals because you have no one else to talk to! Some of us need that brut force to make friends and it always works out.

You’ll be on budget

There is no one on planet Earth that can argue the fact that we spend more money when with friends. As proof I will gladly provide my credit card showing excessive spending when I’m out with friends. Instead of getting that fourth cocktail to keep up with your pal, save the money. Stay on budget!

You need to release your inhibitions!

Stop being afraid to do things on your own! Part of being an adult is accepting that sometimes you will be alone and that’s okay! If you want to dance around in the rain in a bikini top, you can and you shouldn’t feel insecure about it. This introduces the next positive point.

Boost your confidence

When you put yourself in situations that seems uncomfortable and then overcome the obstacle, your confidence is through the roof. It is essential to building character when you have to rely on yourself to get things done. Talk about confidence boost!

A little “me time” is necessary 

Having the time to only worry about your damn self is precious. Life is full of dealing with people and it becomes exhausting. There’s only so much of yourself you can give to other people, take the time for yourself! You deserve it.

Less waiting around 

There is nothing more annoying than having to wait around for Cindy to get up when you are in full Hawaiian garb waiting for your luau lesson. You don’t have time to sit around waiting for someone, go enjoy your time and not waste it waiting!

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