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8 Reasons You Should Be Traveling Somewhere New Every Year

Go and see the world!

As I picked the popcorn out of my teeth during the credits of Eat, Pray, Love, I had an overwhelming feeling of envy. I had always dreamed of traveling abroad to different countries and never do. I feel as though a lot people share that sentiment; it’s a known fact that Americans don’t really travel. There’s a massive list of reasons why traveling is good for the soul but more specifically traveling the fuck out of America.

Don’t get me wrong, even in a Trump America I still enjoy parts of this country. There’s so many beautiful places to visit here, why waste the money to go to a different country? The idea is very simple, when you spend money to better yourself, it’s not a “waste” of money. And though I could spew some real inspirational bullshit that I read of a Buddhist site, I’m gonna just skip it and go straight to the point. You need to get the fuck out of America every year.

Learn about different cultures

Stop being an arrogant asshole. There are so many diverse groups of people in this world, it’s time to get out of your bed and go learn about those people. Immerse yourself in a language other than your own, eat their food, learn about their life. Traveling is another word for learning.

Experience some adventure

To me, adventure is trying on hats at a store with no concern about getting lice. That is seriously messed up, it’s time to really experience things. Jump off a cliff into water, go hiking up a mountain, actually experience things.

Spend money on something that matters more than material goods

Life is about more than just nice clothes and fancy cars, there is no price tag for genuine human experiences. To go out and see the world creates a stronger sense of self than anything in this life. It is the memories in life that matters more than anything you can buy at your local store. It’s cliche but it is so true.

Make new and diverse friends

Because different countries provides different types of people, traveling every year allows you to create a strong roster of friends. It allows you to further learn about other cultures. I have been dying to make a friend from Mexico, I want to be able to eat traditional Mexican food! Taco Bell just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Teaches you to handle adversity

Traveling to a third world country will help create and develop your empathy. In a country that struggles with the most basic needs, you become able to handle difficulties that are so outside of your own. Why get comfortable in your own privilege? Stop being a douche, be able to handle adversity.

Sparks your imagination 

The constant traveling allows for different visual experiences, thus different creative inspiration. Many authors for example, write about their lives in different environments and it’s usually best-sellers. Do you find yourself to be in a creative slump? Then give yourself a different environment!

Gets you out of your comfort zone

Going out to a new place is scary and doing it every year will help strengthen you as a person. When you break through your inhibitions, you become confident in your own abilities. You can survive a trip in Bali without knowing the language and be just fine.

Because why the fuck not? 

Listen, stop giving so many fucks? It’s life!  Enjoy it, be the ruler in your own life.



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