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8 Reasons Traveling the World Will Make You Your Best You

Traveling the world can be expensive. But what it costs in money, it makes up for in the sheer value of the experience. Whisking yourself away from any and all of your problems, if only for a short time, can give you that much needed perspective to approach life’s difficulties in a different way. If you can swing it, here’s why globetrotting is a life-changing experience that leads to personal growth.

Seeing the Sights

Anyone can go online and look at a picture of the Taj Mahal, or the Amazon rainforest, or the Great Wall of China, but seeing it in person gives you your own story with it, and makes those sights special.


Experiencing different cultures builds your reference for what a perfect society looks like to you. Fusing all different aspects of different societies can help you envision utopia.


Life is fleeting, and traveling the world lets you make the most out of yours and die with no regrets.


Eating exotic food that you couldn’t find back home trains your palette, acquainting you with the best-tasting local foods in areas you happen to be visiting. That delicious food is always something to look forward to.


Traveling comes with all kinds of risk, and you can’t prepare for all eventualities. On such a large scale, encountering and overcoming obstacles makes you better able to adapt to any situation.


Chances are if you can afford to explore the planet, you can afford to give back to people you happen to encounter who are in need. Whether it’s food, money or both, roaming the world enables you to donate to others everywhere and spread the wealth.

Meeting People

If you can make friends with people who, culturally, are drastically different, you can make friends with anyone. Talking to locals the world over reminds you we’re all people, and improves your universal social skills.


Globetrotting is bound to create some fun, fascinating stories that you can tell to any passers-by who are willing to listen. The more interesting your stories are, the more interesting you are.


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