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8 Reasons to Try a Blind Date If You’re Alone This Valentine’s Day

Okay peeps, we got a week until Valentine’s Day. If you’re like me and are planning an elaborate dinner for one, here’s a different idea to try out: go on a blind date.

I’m not talking Tinder and Bumble meetups.

I’m talking about a (almost) total stranger, no information going into it. If you have a friend who knows someone who’d be great for you, then take a chance and try it out. Arranged marriages are generally the ones that last the longest, so who knows what could happen?

We understand you might be skeptic, so here’s some reasons to reconsider.

The Sense of Mystery!

Isn’t it exciting to go into a new venture knowing nothing but what someone has told you? Stressful, maybe, but mostly exciting! Think of it this way, you may not know anything about them going into it, but neither do they. You have a clean slate, you can re-brand yourself in a way no one’s seen before. Be careful with that kind of power.

You May Have Some Connects

If you got introduced by a friend, then it’s possible you have a larger social circle than you thought. Maybe you each know a friend of a friend of a friend, and have more things and people in common then you originally would have guessed.

There’s Some Conversation To Start

If things do get weird, revel in your mutual friend. Talk about their awkward traits, or maybe share an experience you had with them. Remember, they’re the reason the two of you are even here. If all else fails, capitalize on that.

It’s Delightfully Old-Fashioned

It’s kind of sweet to think of the old days, and how this was done way more. Bask in the thought of being cultured and respectful of the prior generation. No cell phones and texting, just a 1-on-1 intimate getting to know you kind of thing. Again, it’s frightening, but we have faith in you.

You Don’t Have To Stress

When you meet someone from Tinder or Bumble, you’ve already built up an expectation of them in your mind. What they like, how you expect them to act, and mostly, what they look like. But these are often played up on profiles, and do not accurately reflect the actual goods. With blind dates, you have no expectations to meet, and therefore are easier to please!

Love Cannot Be Predicted from An Algorithm

Many dating websites claim they use algorithms to match you with your best fit. Love isn’t mathematical! Nothing about math stirs your loins in a passionate fury. Sparks fly on connections and conversations, which can only be made in the real testing dome: real life.

It Beats Being Alone for The Night

Maybe it’s not the best date of your entire life. But they accepted this date too, didn’t they? On this, of all days? So, they’re coming from a place of loneliness and insecurity, just like you are. Plus, it’s good to have a bad or just ‘ok’ date every now and then, to help you remember you’re worth holding out for the right one, and to know ways to act and not act on dates. It’s a learning experience, if nothing else.

It Makes A Great Story

If it’s awkward the whole time and you feel uncomfortable, just remind yourself of how funny this will be when you tell the person who set you up. (Unless your date seems to be interested in you, in which case maybe don’t tell that person). But it’ll be great when you embellish all the little things and and recount the tale in the years to come.

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