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8 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Fall in Love with the Reformed Asshole


How however love dating has been a thing, women have loved dating assholes. There’s a mystery to them. You know they’re terrible for you and you’re likely going to get your heart broken into little pieces, but it doesn’t matter, you go for it anyway. Dating the asshole is a challenge; it’s the unattainable. Men who are assholes are like wild horse, every woman thinks she’s going to be the one to tame him.

Then, there are the nice guys. The guys women should actually be going after, but consider boring. They’re safe, secure, will love you to death, and you’ll treat him like shit over and over again. This is the guy who actually deserves you, but you friend zone him all the time. It sucks but it’s the truth.

Finally, there’s the hidden category of men. The holy grail. The reformed asshole. The man who had this asshole days, played a lot of women, acted like a complete and utter douchebag and then finally, he grew up. He’s a gentleman now, yet he still has a tiny bad boy streak that you fawn over. It’s glorious.

He has a little bit of both

The reformed asshole is the kind of guy you likely hated (but still fell for) in your early twenties. He’s the guy that acted like he was the shit, dated and banged every women from here to Timbuktu, and in the process, managed to treat all of them like shit. However, now, he’s a totally different guy. He’s still a tiny bit of a jerk in the sense that he won’t let you walk all over him, but he’s a sweetheart. He’s the perfect mix of the asshole who grew into the nice guy and treats you like gold. This is the man you want to hold on to for the rest of your life.


There’s a reason women love bad boys and most of the time it’s because of the fantastic sex. Men who are assholes generally treat women like crap in and out of the bedroom. However, the reformed asshole treats women with the utmost respect in public, but in the bedroom he still has that rough streak. Guess what? That’s basically all that women want in the bedroom. It’s perfect.

He won’t break your heart

He’s broken plenty of hearts in the past and he’s basically over it. He’s tired of being the asshole who plays women because he’s finally ready for something serious. He knows that a quality woman is hard to find, so when he finally does find it, he’s going to cherish it. A reformed asshole won’t ever break a woman’s heart again because he’s simply not into hitting and quitting anymore, he’s in it for the long haul.

He’s been there done that

He’s done everything under the sun, he has experience. He knows what he wants and he won’t stop until he gets it. The reformed asshole is the kind of man who played around with women in the past and saw that it didn’t actually lead to anything good. So now, he’s over playing games and is ready for the real thing.

He respects women

He never has before. He thought women were disposable. However, after a little growing up and a lot of life lessons, he understands the value of quality women. He’ll be a gentleman through and through because he’s been on the other side before. He always knew how to treat women, but now he’s actually executing. He’s the kind of man that will open doors for you and then smack your ass on the way in.

He’s husband material now

After all the nonsense he’s been through, he’s finally a man now. He’s the kind of man that you want to be your husband. Since he still has subtle streaks of asshole in him, he’s the kind of man that can let you take the reigns, but still take charge when he needs to. He’ll be a gentleman, but still be able to tell you when you’re wrong. He’ll be an equal partner. He’ll never take advantage and he won’t let anyone take advantage of him. It’s a relationship based on respect.

You skipped the worst of it

Thankfully, you meet him after the asshole phase. You skipped the drama, the bullshit, the games. You have the best parts of him now. You weren’t around when he treated women like crap, so you don’t fully know that side of him. All you see in a mature man who’s actually a man. 

It’ll be the greatest love ever

It’ll be the once in a lifetime kind of love because he’ll be a mixture of everything you’ve ever been looking for: a nice guy, you fucks you like a champ, opens doors for you, brings you flowers, and can still stand up to you when it needs to be done. PERFECT.

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