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8 Resolutions From 2017 You Can Still Accomplish Before The Year Is Up

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, it’s never too late to make good on a promise to yourself. Sure, you should’ve started when the year was still new. You should’ve done a lot of things. But it is still a year, even if the year’s not new. Just call it a This Year resolution.

Yeah, you could wait a little bit and try again in January. But that would be giving up on 2017. And, as shitty a year as it’s been, that wouldn’t really be fair to 2017, now, would it?

Hell, if anything, you owe it to the world to try to salvage this crummy year.

Hit The Gym

Okay, you probably can’t shed twenty pounds in a month without resorting to some serious amuptation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sweat a little. Getting and staying in shape is about making it a habit, and habits only take a few weeks to become an internalized part of your everyday routine. So start now, and by year’s end you might be a gym person.

Read More

Again, probably not a hundred books, but you can certainly read more than zero in the last month of the year. Picture books count. Also audiobooks, people seem to eat that shit up.

Remember: you can play your audiobooks at, like, 1.5x speed. It’s not cheating, it’s efficiency.

Quit Smoking/Drinking/Whatever

It takes no time at all to not do something. Sure, the buildup might take some time, and the withdrawal might take a while, but the quitting itself is simply a decision. It’s a hard one to make, but you’ve got a month to make it.

Start Dating

Download an app or two and you could be wining, dining, and grinding by later tonight if you play your cards right. Don’t set your standards too high; the point is to get out and practice meeting people, not to bag as many tens as possible.

That’s a decent side quest, but it’s not the main story.

Cook More

You can nail one recipe by 2018. It’s not that hard. Cook it multiple times a week if that’s what it takes. I’m the laziest person I know, but I can boil some spaghetti and crack open a bottle of sauce.

That counts as cooking, right? Because I’ve been telling people I cook now.

Save More Money

Once again, set your sights low here. You probably aren’t going to have enough for a vacation in the next four weeks. But you can start to practice habits now that will start to reap major rewards as the months and years roll on. Figure out what you’re spending and how you can spend less. Shop for deals. Make a game of it. Find out what you can cut out, and what can be replaced by a cheaper alternative. You’d be surprised how far a few bucks here and there can add up over time.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Throw a holiday party. Clean up a little, order some pizzas, throw a wreath on that door. Or text a couple friends you’ve fallen out of touch with and get a damn cup of coffee. It might seem like a hassle, but people are happier when they get out and spend time with people they care about.

And I should know. Because I never do that, and I’m miserable.

Get Organized

There’s certainly enough time left in the year for one big clean. Take a Saturday and throw out all the shit you have laying around. Sort through those clothes you’ve been meaning to sort through. Buy some containers or shelves or rearrange your furniture. It can be a big task, but you’ll feel pleasantly exhausted when it’s all over and you’ll come away with a fresh perspective and a new sense of possibility.


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