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8 of the Most Satisfying Things You Can Do For a Woman in Bed

When it comes to sex, women can be a bit complex. Not in a bad way, it’s just that to build to our peak pleasure, a lot of focus, time, and work is needed.

But trust me, if you can fully satisfy a woman in bed, she will respect you and know you as one of the few men (or women) whom she’s actually had good sex with.

Having sex can be pretty nerve-wracking, stressful, and energy draining, so having to also consider your partner may seem like a drag. But you should care about how your female partner feels and the more pleasure she feels, the better the sex. So here are some tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed:

Make her feel wanted

Knowing someone wants you and desires you can make you feel more aroused, making the sex more pleasurable. Tell her how much you want her, and how she makes you feel, so you can stimulate her emotionally as well as physically.

Place more of your focus on her

Make sure she’s enjoying herself. Women are more complex when it comes to sex. There are certain things every women needs to be done to make her feel good and climax.

Don’t think only about yourself

You should be enjoying the sexual experience, and make sure that your partner is enjoying herself as well. Ask her how she feels and if she likes certain positions.


Start off with foreplay to make her feel more comfortable and get her feeling aroused. At this point you can just tease her and start off slow. Foreplay will build up her anticipation for sex.

Make sure that what your doing feels good for her too

So certain positions might feel good for you, but just might not be doing it for her. Try to come up with a way to please her at the same time, or find a position you both enjoy.

Give her a piece of mind

Make her feel that she’s in a safe place and can trust you. Her feeling safe will give her peace of mind, making her feel more comfortable and be able to enjoy themselves freely.

Make her orgasm

Sex doesn’t end with the man climaxing. Even after you’ve finished, continue to satisfy her either through oral sex, with a toy, or your hands until she climaxes as well.

Oral Sex

Unless she’s not into it, but honestly I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t enjoy it. And there’s nothing better and more satisfying then having a guy go down on you without you having to even ask.

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