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8 Sex Positions You’ve Probably Never Tried but Need to Try Now

Are you bored with doing the same old positions during sex? Are you tired of going from missionary and then straight to doggy , and then that’s it? Well Maybe its time to add some new position to your sex routine.

Wether it’s with your partner, or with someone your just hooking up with, its fun to explore and try new things. Spice things up by changing up the roles, and trying some new stuff that can bring some spice back to your life.

Some of these positions might seem difficult, taxing, or too out the box for you. But you won’t know whether or not you like it until you try it. So here are 8 sex positions you should definitely try to bring that spice back into your life.

The Pretzel

No, this has nothing to do with food foreplay, or a snack suggestion while in between sessions. The pretzel is a move which will guarantee maximum penetration. It starts of with you lying on your back slightly turned to your side, and him kneeling above you. You then wrap your leg around his waist with you, with the other leg beneath him in between his legs.

The Ottoman Empire

This move allows for both of you to have more control, and increase your pleasure level as you wish. The man is on his back on the bed but his feet planted on the ground, while the woman is on top of him in a cowgirl position. In this position the woman has the control of the speed, and the depth of penetration, while being only half way on the bed it’s easier for the man to thrust.

Double Decker

This is a great position for transitioning from a backwards cowgirl, and handing off the power to the guy. The Guy should be on his back with the girl on top, facing away from him. In this position she can lean back and enjoy, while he thrusts with his hands free to roam.

The Lotus

Not only does the name for this position sound nice, but it also provides a very intimate moment for you two. In this position the man sits in a cross-legged position, the woman then lowers herself on to him, and then wraps her legs around him. Caution: slow movement is probably best, because this position ensure deep penetration.

Magic Mountain

With this position you might have to grab a few pillows. Make use of those throw pillows you keep buying, and pile them up. Then lay on top of the pile and then have your guy come behind you and lay on top of you facing you. Spread your legs allowing him to kneel in between them, so he can enter you.

A pick me up with a bit of help

At some pint in time everyone has tried out a carrying posing position, in which the man picks ups the woman and thrusts into her while standing. But honestly it can be quite difficult, and even tiring. But I have the solution for you. While in this position the woman places her feet on the bed or table, or whatever around so you guys don’t have to struggle and can enjoy the position for a bit longer.

Dirty Dancing

Maybe you aren’t much of dancer on the dance floor, but here you don’t need to a dance aficionado. While the man leans against the wall or any sturdy surface, while facing his partner. He then  lifts his partners leg, and holds them close. In this position both of you are in charge of thrusting, it does take two to tango.

The Wheel Barrow

This position might be a bit difficult, but its something fun to try to the pay off is worth it. This position is similar to the game you played as kid, only difference is that you and the other person are naked and your having sex. But other than that the positioning is the same. With her hands planted on the floor, and him standing behind her hold her legs by his waist while he enters her. And if you guys start to get a bit tired, than she can move to the bed or sofa and lay face down on there.

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