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8 Shows to Watch if You’re Having ‘Rick and Morty’ Withdrawals

With this season of Rick and Morty having come to an end, you might start feeling symptoms of withdrawal which can consist of singing “Get Schwifty” at random times, and burping after every sentence.

But fear not, there is a remedy to your withdrawals. There are shows similar to that of the genius, dark and twisted show that is Rick and Morty, and they will holdout over until the next season.

So here are shows to watch if you’re having some serious Rick and Morty withdrawals.

Axe Cop

Axe Cop is a show about a cop who finds the perfect axe, and becomes Axe Cop. He is literally the toughest superhero in existence, and gets by on just two minutes of sleep a night and a diet of birthday cake. The show is based on the webcomic created by  Ethan Nicolle, and his younger brother Malachai Nicolle (who was only 5 when the series began). Ethan does the art, while younger brother Malachi comes up with the imaginative and out of this world ideas for the adventures of the mustachioed axe wielding cop. This series is hilarious, and you never know what your going to get with each episode since each story comes from the imagination of a kid. But this kid has a sense of humor, and tends throws in a lot of axe involved battle scenes that usually end with a head getting chopped off.

You can watch ‘Axe Cop’ on Hulu


Archer is an animated show, that focuses on the life and adventures of self-proclaimed ‘”world’s greatest secret agent,” Sterling Archer. The half hour raunchy comedy, will have have you tearing from laughter. Follow Archer, whose codename is “Duchess” on his zany exploits. Though word off advice, keep the kids away.

You can watch ‘Archer’ on Netflix.

The Venture Brothers

Venture Bros is an adult swim animated series which follows the adventures of the not so bright Adventure twins Hank and Dean (yes thats right, their last names is Adventure), and their drug enthusiast “super-scientist” dad Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture. Well with Dad always popping pills their lucky to have Brock, their security guard who is always ready and eager to kill, whose notable for his blonde mullet. Definitely one of the most original animated series out there, and is cleverly written, ensuring you to be laughing during every episode.

You can watch ‘The Venture Brothers’ on Hulu


Metalocalypse follows the story of the Part-American, part-Scandinavian death-metal band Dethklok. Dethlok is the worlds most successful death metal band, and the quintet consists of Nathan Explosion (vocals), William Murderface (bass), and Pickles the Drummer, along with Scandinavian guitarists Toki Wartooth and Skwisgaar Skwigelf. The band goes on some crazy adventures, while also dealing with issues regarding their personal lives and the band– and to top it off also have to deal with being watched by a government organization who’s out to destroy them.

You can watch ‘Metalocalypse’ on Hulu

BoJack Horseman

This show follows the life of humanoid horse and, and once famous ’90s sitcom actor BoJack Horseman. BoJack is making a a come back, with the help of his feline ex girlfriend/manager, and his human side kick. But he realizes that the times have changed, as he struggles to make it big along with figuring out how to use twitter. This animated comedy, is definitely not for the kiddies, but is definitely made for the type of person who watches Rick and Morty.

You can watch ‘BoJack Horseman’ on Netflix. 

Mr. Pickles

If you are into how disturbing and fucked up Rick and Morty can be, then this is definilety the show for you. Mr. Pickles is definitely one of the most fucked up shows out there. The show is about the Goodman families satanic border collie Mr.Pickles. 6 year old Tommy usually goes around town with his beloved dog, having fun, unaware of Mr. Pickles evilness except for his grandfather. Mr. Pickles is as evil as it gets, always slipping away to kill, torture, mutilate, and have sex with his victims, and always returns without no one ever knowing his crimes.

You can watch ‘Mr. Pickles’ on Hulu

Adventure Time

I know what your thinking. Why is a kids cartoon show on a list that contains satanic dogs, and drug loving scientist. Well these days Adventure Time has become less and less kid friendly. In the beginning the show seemed to just be a silly cartoon about a boy named Finns adventures in the land of Ooo with his best friend Jake ( who just happens to be a magic dog). But as the series continued, it was revealed that the world of Adventure Time was actually Earth, just a dystopian version of it. The characters also go through these very noticeable changes. Finn goes from happy fun loving boy, to being depressed and somewhat jaded, and Jake the wacky dog becomes a true nihilist. There was even an episode in which the writers slipped in a sexual joke–definitely not kid friendly. By the end of the series, the show had become a dark nihilistic show worthy of Adult Swim. Because hey everyone has to grow up, and the show and its characters both did.

You can watch ‘Adventure Time’ on Hulu.

Mike Tyson Mysteries

Mike Tyson in this Scooby-doo type animated series is one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until you got it. The show stars boxing legend Mike Tyson, his adoptive teenage daughter Yung Hee, a sex addict/ alcoholic pigeon, and the ghost of the Marquess of Queensberry. The Mystery team goes on some hilarious adventures as they initially try and solve a mystery, get off track, and either solve the mystery or leave them unresolved. The writing for this show is well written, and packed with some funny dialogue and scenes, that will leave you laughing so hard that you’ll forget all about last season of Rick and Morty coming to an end. 

You can watch ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ on Adultswim. 


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