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8 Signs You Are About To Be Broken Up With

When couples go through rough patches, they can sometimes get the feeling that their relationship is over. Sometimes it’s in your head, but most of the times you are losing your partner and you don’t know how to get them back. We tend to get so caught up in our own heads that we miss the obvious signs that were right in front of us the whole time.

These signs can be somewhat small, and may not seem like a big deal, but after you get dumped you kick yourself for not seeing it all along. Everyone handles these things differently, because lets face it, no one enjoys breaking up with people, so signs can vary. But here are 8 signs you are about to be broken up with:

Conversations Run Dry

In the beginning, you talked all day, every day, sometimes for hours. But now, you will be lucky if you get a phone call a day, let alone a text asking how you are. Even when you get them on the phone, they have nothing to say, they are fine and they are just counting minutes until this conversation is over. When they don’t talk as much, they are likely going to break up with you, so be prepared.

Plans Get Cancelled

You make plans to have a movie night, or a date night, and they cancel at the last minute. This is alarming because you make it a point to spend at least one night together, and now they are cancelling. They have never done this before, or there reason for canceling sucks, they are getting ready to break up with you.

You Never Spend More Than A Few Hours Together

When you hangout it feel rushed. They are on edge, which puts you on edge, and things don’t feel right. They give you want, which is a few hours together, then they leave. That’s the recipe for someone cooking up a break up, and you are getting served the cold dish.

They Always Have To Leave

Something always comes up. Whether it is something for work, friends, family, they always find a way of leaving. They no longer spend the night at your place, they leave after dinner or after sex, and they just don’t want to be around. They don’t want to be around because being around you hurts, especially when they are about to break up with you.

You’re Not Having As Much Sex

When they are around, they are never in the mood. They make up an excuse that they don’t feel well, or they are tired, but really they are just breaking up with you. Usually relationships use sex as a mend to any argument or disagreement you had, so for your partner to not want it should be alarming.

They Don’t Act Like Themselves

They are quiet, acting strange, never have news or stories, they are just flat out not acting like themselves. It is because they are breaking up with you. They don’t do the same cute things they used to do, they don’t play around, they are serious and boring. This is their way of showing you things are changing and they want that change.

Everything You Do Annoys Them

You start fighting for no reason other than things you did. Maybe you chew too loudly, or forgot to feed the dog. They snap at you and start overreacting to the smallest things. This is a common sign when someone is finished with a relationship. They are feeling trapped and want a way out, so the feeling is making them lash out on you.

They Are Spending More Time With Friends

Every time they have time free they make plans with their friends, or with anyone else but you. They always have something they can’t miss and you are left by the wayside. Instead of spending an extra hour with you they decide to go over their friend’s house and hang. It’s a sign that their friends are more important than you.

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