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8 Signs You Know Somebody is WAY Out of Your League


So you’ve done it! You’ve landed that perfect 10 you’ve always wanted, even though you barely squeak out as a 4 on your best day! Congratulations, you’re well on your way to being in a successful relationship with somebody that is clearly better than you in every single way. The only thing that can stop the two of you now is your paranoid tendencies, relentless self-doubt and constant digging into your psyche to find every little imperfection about yourself that disqualifies you from romantic interaction with your partner. Well, dig no longer! Here are 8 easy-to-spot signs that your partner is way out of your league.

Restaurant Bills

You’ve just enjoyed a lovely dinner at your favorite spot together. The waiter comes over, glances at you, stares at her, and asks “So would you like me to split the check?” Because after all, there’s no way a mealworm like you would actually be on a date with Aphrodite herself.

People Speak Slowly to Her

Passersby think to themselves, “This poor woman must have brain damage to be hanging around with this human contraceptive.” But anyone who interacts with her is polite, speaking slowly and with small worlds so as not to frustrate her. Or they just speak to you, assuming you’re her handler.

She Has Friends, You Have… Hope?

Her personality has a way of drawing people in; she talks to strangers like they’re long time friends, and they walk away with beaming smiles after having met such a positive source of emotional inspiration. She’s surrounded by a group of loving, supportive friends… and you. That’s not to say you don’t love and support her, but compared to her, you have the charisma of a wet rag beside a gas station toilet.

Compliments on Social Media

There’s a lovely photo of you two on Facebook, holding hands on Valentine’s day, cheek to cheek, smiling in your sweaters with a rosy filter over this cute picture of a loving couple. Instead of complimenting the two of you (“Lovely couple” “OMG U 2 are PERF!” etc.), all the compliments are about her. She’s lovely. She’s “perf.” You are a set piece;  you are a backdrop for her to overshadow.

People Think She Needs Protection From You

The two of you are out at a club, dancing together. A bouncer walks over and asks her “Is everything okay here, Miss?” as he shoots you a suspicious look. It’s more likely to him that you are some random creeper at the club, making unsolicited advances on this woman, than someone she knows, let alone dates.

People Assume You’re Rich

You must be. You must be some kind of big-shot stock broker, or a Zuckerberg-esque tech millionaire, or something! There’s no way she’d be with you if you were a clerk at the local PetSmart. You must have a lot of money to keep such a prize in your company.

“You Don’t Look Related.”

It’s a sentence that you hear when you meet people together. As opposed to romantic partners, you too are more likely to be relatives based and the colossal discrepancy between the two of you. “Maybe their parents look really different? Or they’re very distant cousins?” These are some more thoughts that people ask themselves.

Now, the list so far has been predicated on the situation that you’re already in a relationship with this person who outpaces you at every step as a human being. Also, these observations are very specific. This final one is more for a casual relationship, or even somebody that you’re just seeing. But, as far as observations go, it’s the most obvious and significant way to tell if someone is (or at least believes they are) out of your league.

You Know No One Else in Her Life

You’ve never met her parents, or her friends. And don’t kid yourself, she has no intention of ever introducing them to you. The reason is simple: she’s embarrassed by you. You’re her guilty pleasure; you’re someone she likes enough, but is too ashamed to let other people know about. She wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near you, but she still keeps you around for some reason that maybe she’s not even sure of. Self-esteem issues? To secretly get back at her dad? Whatever the reason, she’ll eventually get over herself. And you. She’ll find somebody more on her level; she’ll find somebody who can get her rocks off that she’s not ashamed to associate with. So, enjoy the ride while it lasts.

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