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8 Things You Can Look Past if You Really Love Someone


Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you’re truly in love with someone. If you see someone as flawless, then chances are, it’s not happening for you. Being in love means acknowledging all of your partner’s flaws, and looking past them to see who they really are. These flaws may drive you up the wall more often than not, but because you’re in love, you’re willing to embrace them. Here are some things that, if you can move past, prove you really love your partner.

Annoying Laugh

Your spine shivers every time your partner expresses joy. It’s unfortunate that their vocal expression of happiness gives you a sensation like nails on a chalk board. But you still love them.

Bad Breath

When their mouth opens, it smells like a mixture between low tide and well-worn tube socks. Is it something they ate? Do they have a rotted out tooth or something? Whatever the case, their break is absolutely, consistently, rank. But you still love them.

Genetic Abnormalities

Who isn’t without their own personal physical quirks? But theirs actually makes you question whether or not they fell into some kind of toxic sludge at one point. That bulbous growth on the side of their neck is so large that you’re fairly certain it’s sentient. But you still love them.

Criminal Record

So they’ve broken into a few cars, or have a couple of aggregated assault charges under their belt. Big deal! Everyone makes mistakes. Plenty people have committed crimes, you’re partner was just unlucky enough to not have gotten away with it. But you still love them.


It’s not matter of being bad at math, or a bad speller, or having a tenuous understanding of most things, they just have poor common sense. They make mad decisions, refusing to think actions through properly before acting on them. But you still love them.


They don’t have two nickels to rub together. Long term, there are obviously no financial benefits to staying with this person. If anything, your lifestyle is diminished because you are with someone who can barely afford to care for themselves, let alone you. But you still love them.


You two argue constantly, sometimes over important issues, and sometimes over nothing at all. Sometimes the fights are resolved right then and there, but they usually go without any closure. The same issues keep coming up, prompting further arguments. But you still love them.

Sociopathic Tendencies

Sure, sometimes they can be a little harsh towards you. You try and keep a finger on their emotional pulse, but you get the feeling that they could care less about your state of emotional being. But you still love them.


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