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8 Things You and Your Partner Have to Agree on in Order to Make it Work

No relationship is perfect. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be! It just needs to be successful so you and your partner can have a healthy and happy relationship. In a relationship, there are certain things that you can “agree to disagree” on and other things that you absolutely must agree upon.

If you and your partner agree with each other 99.9% the time, you’re among the very few relationships in the world. It is not realistic for a couple to agree on everything. But relationships are about compromising, so putting your pride and ego aside is necessary if you want your relationship to work.

Your Idea of Commitment

This is probably the quickest indication of if your relationship will work. If you see marriage in your future and your partner is in it just for the season, then might have a problem on your hands. You should be on the same page about how much effort you put into the relationship. It should always be a 50-50 role that you each play in making the relationship work.

How to Properly Communicate

Open communication is the key to a healthy and successful relationship, so you really need to both be on the same page when it comes to talking honestly, and figuring out solutions to problems. If you and your partner are both petty AF and don’t talk to each other for days after an argument—you might have to call it quits. Leave room for open communication and find out what works for both of you.

How to Spend Leisure Time

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a complete video game junkie and never wants to go out or chill with you on a Friday night, that might be a problem. When it comes to off time, you two should agree on how you spend it. There’s nothing wrong with having different interest and hobbies, but just make sure your time together is spent doing something together. Otherwise, you can create distance, tension, and conflict within the relationship.

How Much Sex You Both Want

Since sex can be such a major part of a relationship, you’ll want to agree on how much of it to have. You can start by asking yourselves how much sex and intimacy seems satisfying for the both of you. If your relationship is healthy, you’ll be able to reach a compromise, and eventually, agree.

How Much Alone Time You Need

If your needs for private time don’t match up, it can create some problems at first. But eventually you’ll realize everyone has a different way of refreshing, and that’s perfectly OK. Don’t take it personal if your partner wants to be alone for the day or weekend. It has nothing to do with you.

How to Spend and Save Money

Disclaimer: No two people are going to fully agree on how to spend and save money—it’s life. But you’ll want to be with someone who comes close. Couples with similar financial styles and goals will do better than those with big differences. For example, A Big spender and a saver, or an impulse buyer and a thinker are unlikely to make it in the long run

How to Agree on the Little Things

You can expect to have a disagreement here and there, but if you argue about every little thing, it might not work out years later. If your being able to agree on even the most trivial matters is not sustainable for a lasting marriage. You will both eventually tire of arguing and either reach your limits or grow apart silently. The best question to ask yourself: Does our love feel easy?

How you Want Your Future Together to Be

Do you want to retire early and travel the world with one another, or is your dream to become the ultimate power couple and focus on your careers for as long as possible? Have a chat about what your expectations are for each other (like being parents). Remember, it’s all negotiable, too. Maybe you can start your bucket list early together and hold off on kids until when you’re both ready.

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