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8 Things You and Your Partner Can Do Together to Feel Emotionally Close

Let those emotions run free!

When you find yourself a good partner in a relationship, it’s something so rare that you have to do what you can to keep them. Sure, being physically attracted to one another and having good sex is essential in a relationship but the longevity of a partnership relies heavily on the not so sexy things. There are certain aspects of ourselves that we hide from others, as to not be judged or criticized, all of which should be explored when deciding to embark on the journey of a relationship.

In order to be fully immersed in another person, we have to be willing to share those aspects we fear will leave us too vulnerable to survive. Our emotions are what guides the path to our relationship and ultimately decides where the path leads. It becomes important for the couple to let themselves go to get emotionally closer to each other. However that is much easier said than done; so as we do with most things, we must force ourselves. But how can you create a foundation of conversation to get emotionally closer to your partner?

Have a meaningful conversation

Don’t be afraid to talk to one another. As obvious as it may seem, it can be very rare for a couple to have a conversation without the distractions of cell phones and email. Change up the environment to build a stronger emotional bond. Make sure all of the electronics are urned off in your house and sit together during a meal and start by talking about your day. You’d be the surprised the conversations that can occur when you start with such a typical question.

Talk about your childhood

Learning about each other before you met can give you a better idea of who you were before the relationship. Our experiences in adolescence are what shapes our personalities. Get a better understanding of your partner by learning of their youth. You can even laugh and joke about their adorable moments and learn a great detail about the person you’re spending so much time with.

Exercise together

I always find that exercise should be a solitary event because I think it’s incredibly intimate. But many people do work out together because it can be unifying. Build upon an already strong bond and get physically strong together! Sweating it out with your partner can allow you to spend more together while also doing something good for your body, what’s wrong with that?

Cuddle more

Cuddling is so cliche that I’m almost embarrassed to list it but its results are effective. People shy away from cuddling as time passes because its often unnecessary but the effects can help build a connection. With the contact, you find yourself completely open to the rhythms of your partner’s heartbeat and breathing which causes some sort of emotionally attachment. It’s very similar to the idea of resting your head on your mom’s shoulder. It’s comforting.

Painting together

Painting in one of those “painting with a twist” classes can be incredibly bonding and also very telling. Think about it, how many courses in college are dedicated to the study of art pieces? The same can be said for the male versus female perspective in art. It triggers a certain sensitivity in both parties and creates a nice ambience.

Cook together

Cooking in a sense is very much a team effort. By working together to make a good meal, you can create a platform that allows your partner to know that you are on their side; and there’s nothing that needs to be hidden. And anyone who has cooked knows how scary it can be when someone else eats your cooking. Take advantage of being completely vulnerable!

Write notes to one another

This doesn’t mean sending texts! Go real old school and write notes to one another. It’s basically a direct hit to the heart in the best way possible. It’ll be like being 14 all over again; accompanied by the same childish qualities of your thoughts on love.

Recount your most embarrassing moments

There’s nothing that can emotionally bond a couple together like sharing your embarrassing stories. Knowing that you both were lovestruck losers at the homecoming will really put a smile on your face and add warmth to the heart.

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