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8 Things You Have to Remember if Your Ex Keeps Hitting You Up

Some of us have received that infamous text or call saying “What’s up stranger?” from an ex. This might be from an ex who you hate, or one whom you still have feelings for. So what happens if they keep hitting you up? You might begin to assume some things, such as ‘that they’re interested in you’, or maybe ‘they’re just trying to keep tabs on your life’.

But there are some things you should keep in mind when your ex is hitting you up:

Is it worth the emotional roller coaster?

You are either still getting over them, or you’re already over them. So is communicating with them really the best idea? It might bring some old feelings back up, and you might put your emotions in the front seat of an emotional roller coaster ride that has no seat belt. So just remember that it’s possible that old feelings you’ve tried hard to stash away might find their way back into the light.

Remember the reasons why it didn’t work out in the first place

Remember why it is you two aren’t together. Whether the breakup was one sided, or a mutual decision, there was still some factor which caused the relationship to end. Now are you prepared to face the issues of the past? Or get your hopes up about them being resolved only to be let down?

Does it seem as if they’re hitting you up because they want to work on things? Or is it a booty call?

Remember that you two are exes. And if it’s been a while since you two have had contact, them hitting you up can seem a bit suspicious. Maybe they were just thinking about you and wanted to reach out and catch up, with nothing else in mind. Or maybe they were trying to see if you were still interested in them. It’s normal for exes to hook up, but its not recommended, because it sometimes leads to drama, and some hurt feelings.

Maybe you should just keep it moving forward and leave them in the past

Remember sometimes it’s better to leave some things in the past, and that includes your ex too. Not answering them can possibly be the best thing in the long run, especially considering how your relationship might’ve ended. You moving forward might give them a clue and help them move forward as well.

Remember to consider your feelings

If you don’t feel comfortable with them hitting you up, or you feel pressure to respond them—remember your opinion counts. You are no longer with them, and are no longer obliged to answer to them. If you feel that answering them is too much for you to handle then remember you can always put them on silenced.

Do not assume, or jump to conclusions

Remember to not make assumptions, that might get your hopes up. You might think that they’re trying to get back with you, when they’re really just hitting you up to see wether their package was sent to your place by mistake. Take everything in stride.

Remember that they are a person with feelings too

Remember they have feelings to , and they might need closure, or at least feel that they deserve a chance to speak to you about the relationship. Sometimes this can be a good thing for both of you, and can help you both understand each others feelings better.

Remember that sometimes you have to give things a chance

Now if you too loved each other, and what you had was good, than maybe you should give it a try. There’s a possibility they might want to see if you two can be an item once agin (though don’t just assume that off the bat). But if this is someone who you find yourself thinking about and missing, then maybe you should consider talking to them. Every relationship has its issues, but if the issues in yours were minor or were able to be worked, then maybe you should listen to what is they have to say, and see how much you two have grown since the break up. (But if you don’t see any change on their part then hold off on getting back together).


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