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8 Things Successful People are Do That You Don’t

Perhaps you’re feeling as if you’re not progressing as much as you wish or as if life is at a complete standstill. You’re not alone in the feeling. We all come across it eventually, some of us on a daily and that’s alright as long as you eventually you pick up the pieces and keep moving.

That’s what successful people do. When faced with adversity they roll with the punches. As the old saying goes, they “fall down seven times, get up eight.”

The bottom line is if you want to live a better life then do it – stop waiting, stop inhibiting yourself from living the best life you possibly can. It’s waiting for you, all you have to do is go and get it

Take these 8 things successful people do and ask yourself if you’re truly doing them:


They Stopped Waiting for Success to Come to Them.

Success isn’t just going to one day show up on your front lawn with a boombox held high over its head playing your favorite song, in hopes that you hear it and run off into the sunset with it. Success is going to make you work, and its going to make you work harder than you ever have before – both to get it and to keep it. Successful people went out and chased what they wanted down.



Wake Up Early / Stay Awake Later.

Utilization of time can be a tricky thing, with work, kids, life, etc. We all have the same 24 hours though. If you want to truly make it happen, find time within your day to do so. I challenge you to make a schedule and see were you could possibly cut from other tasks, or simply use time wiser, to chase down your goals.



They Stopped Comparing Yourself.

Yes, though it may be a good idea to look at the blueprints of successful people and apply certain aspects of them to your life, it is complete opposite if you begin comparing yourself to them. Your life is your life, their’s is their’s. Things may not happen for you as soon as they did for them, or perhaps they may happen sooner for you. Enjoy your own journey, it’s yours for a reason.


Invested in Their Future.

Limit purchase of things that won’t assist you in your journey. For example, if you’re a photographer then invest in high quality productions materials, instead of that new gaming system, or that new designer handbag.


Never Stopped Learning.

Successful people are always eager to learn something new in effort that it may benefit them in the future. Take up a foreign language, learn a new skill via a tutorial video on YouTube or otherwise, take advice from someone else that is motivated to reach their goals or has already done so. There are so many resources available to us today, take advantage of all of them.


Surround Themselves with Like Minded People.

This doesn’t mean everyone like the same football team, etc. but rather that everyone wants their team to make it to the Super Bowl. Likewise, make sure your crew, the people you keep around you are motivated to reach their goals, and if not encourage them to do so in effort that everyone eats. Push them to strive.


They’re Observant, Analytical, and Strategic.

Be fearless, but be cautious in that you are not recklessly fearless. Take the time to thoroughly consider all avenues of a plan before enacting them and create a plan A, B, C, D and so on to achieve your goal, review decisions made by others both that made it to their destination and those that didn’t. Both will assist you in inching your way closer.


Roll with the Punches.

Even successful people fall flat at times. However, their most valuable trait is consistency. “Even in defeat, there is a valuable lesson learned.” Always keep trying, keep fighting, and most of all KEEP GOING until you make it to your destination.


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