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8 Things You’re Never Ready for in a Relationship


Relationships are awesome. Sharing your emotions and your time with another person is really fulfilling. But there are some difficult parts of a relationship that nobody can really prepare you for. Here are eight things that will happen in your relationship that you’re not ready for.


Fights are inescapable in every relationship. There will be multiple occasions where you and your partner will be at each other’s throats. It doesn’t seem right when you’re still in the early stages, but it’s bound to happen and you’ll never be one hundred percent prepared for it.

The boredom

You can’t avoid it, but you’re never truly ready for it. Eventually, you’re going to get bored of your relationship. You won’t be actively courted, or taken out on a date every week, and some of the romantic spark will fade away. Don’t feel guilty if it happens to you because it happens to everyone.

Financial decisions

Talks about money get more serious than deciding who pays the check. Eventually, you’re going to have to address moving in together. When this happens, you have to go through the long and difficult process of deciding how everything gets paid. Figuring out finances is one thing you’re never truly ready for when you’re in a relationship.

Talks about the future

Talking about your future is another thing you’re never prepared for in a relationship. Thinking honestly about your life several years down the road requires you to make some hard decisions in your relationship in the present. You have to completely know if you’re ready for the long haul, which can often be a difficult choice.

Losing attraction

Once the honeymoon phase is over, your relationship isn’t necessarily as passionate as it once was. When you start getting bored of your relationship, you will inevitably stop being attracted to your partner. It won’t last forever, but there will be times you’ll be distracted with thoughts of being single and maybe question your relationship.

Trust issues

Every single relationship has had to deal with trust issues. Whether one side or both sides aren’t being completely honest, trust will be a huge bump in the road in your relationship. It will take some serious soul searching and communication to establish that trust in your relationship again, which nobody is really prepared for.

Getting hurt

No relationship is a walk in the park all the time. Things will be said and mistakes will be made and you’ll inevitably get your feelings hurt. You’re never completely ready to get hurt (nobody is), but you will definitely have to deal with it at some point.

Growing up

Being in a relationship will certainly change you in some way. With all of the good and bad you have to deal with when you’re with a significant other, you’re going to learn things about yourself and about love. As a result, you’ll be more mature, more self-confident, and less unprepared for future relationships.

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