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8 Valid Things You Need to Reconsider When You’re In a Serious Relationship

The perks of being single and living to mingle are endless, I mean you have the freedom to give zero fucks about your diet, go out every damn night, treat your self to expensive Target trips and simply enjoy being yourself – whichever concoction of messy and trashy that is. But once you meet a person whose presence, intellect and charisma you enjoy, not to mention the adult sleepovers, everything changes. You got to show your best sides and angles. So when it gets serious – here’s what you need to start reconsidering, if you care about that other person.

Going Out every night

Once you get serious with someone, your schedule takes a dramatic turn. You cant say yes to every happy hour or concert you’re invited to. I know it sounds limiting, but don’t look at it that way, you’ve got to make time in your busy schedule to spend quality time with bae. Committing to a serious relationships requires commitment and quality moments.

Drinking Until You Black Out

Sorry, this is of out most importance, if you want to be serious with that person that makes you feel some type of way, you’ve got to stop blacking out. Nothing good happens when you drink way too much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of fun but it can also get you in trouble in more ways than one. Trust me, you’ll end up saying and doing things you might regret or might not be ready to admit.

Eating Pizza & Mozzarella Sticks All the Time

Learning how to cook is crucial, that way you void ordering take out every time you want to chill with bae. Obviously you’re allowed to indulge on pizza and hot cheetos every now and them, specially if you share them with the person you’re seeing. But showing off your cooking skills is a good way to impress your man, plus it saves you money so.

Keeping the Dating Apps on Your Phone

Delete them. No explanation needed. Just erase them.

Treating Yourself Every Week

If you’re entering the serious relationship field it is V important that you start saving some cash because having a significant other means extra spending. You’ve  got to be able to treat bad to a slice every now and then. Plus you can’t be broke all the time, even if you really are, right?

Going Out Only With Your Friends

It’s a scary time when you realize you’ve got to invite the man you like to hang out with your friends. Believe me it is as scary for them as it is for you, they’re walking straight into a snake pit and they know it. So start planning dinner parties that are all inclusive, it’s an important and defining step.

Keeping a Messy AF Room

CLEAN YOUR ROOM. That’s that on that.

Grooming (or lack there of)

Personal preference obvs but like be mindful of the other human you’re spending time with and trim. If you’re not sure about how to do it, google it. Do it for the sake of your relationship.

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