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8 Ways to Apologize to Your Significant Other Without Actually Saying “I’m Sorry”

Sometimes saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t do it justice. You can say it all you want but if you aren’t putting your words into action than it can be hard to believe the person saying sorry. If you are in a fight with your significant other it can be hard at times to think about the right words to say in order to truly show them that you are sorry.

It’s important to make them feel like you are actually sorry instead of just going through the motions of the apology in order to smooth things over and not fight. It depends on how much that person means to you.

Give them space

First off, it’s important to give the other person space. It shows that you respect the person and their feelings and you aren’t just apologizing so that you can get it over with. Giving the person space also allows for them to cool down and forgive you on their own terms a little.

Send Flowers

Flowers are super romantic. It’s a cute gesture that can show someone that you love or care about them. Just don’t send someone flowers after you cheated, there needs to be a way better apology in store for that.

Write them a letter

All of your feelings, just right them down. You can write about your feelings, why you did what you did, how you feel about the situation and them. Literally, just write all of your emotions and feelings down and then give it to them.

Cook them dinner

The best way to apologize is with food. Everyone loves food and it’s hard to be mad at someone when you have a full stomach. So, put some actual work in and don’t just take them out to dinner.

Surprise them

Bring them on a cute date, show them that you love them. You can bring them somewhere they have been wanting to go for a while. It’s a gesture that will show them that you actually listen to them and you care about patching things up in your relationship.

Give them a gift

You can give them a gift. Many people like gifts and like the other points, it’s a cute gesture to show them you listen and are a thoughtful person. You can also make the gift and putting in that work and time can be super cute.

Admit responsibility

There isn’t anything more annoying than someone messing up and then trying to twist and turn it like they didn’t do anything wrong. If you are actually sorry make sure they know that you feel bad about your actions. Don’t ever blame them for something that you did.

Talk it out and actually listen

In the end, it’s the most important thing to do. You need to talk to them about why it bothers them, and if it’s obvious then listen to them. Listen to how they feel and why they feel that why, and in the end after you have listen to them then you should probably say “sorry,” but only if you actually mean it.

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