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8 Ways To Blow His Mind In Bed

In life, it’s inevitable that things get dull. People get stuck in routines, especially in a relationship. Sex, along with everything else, takes a hit. If you’re in need of some help to spice up your sex life, then look below.  If you two are already heating up the sheets, then continue on with your bad selves.

Flex n Sex 

One way to improve your sex life is to increase your flexibility, literally. If you really want to impress your partner, try doing some yoga every day. Not only will this increase flexibility, but your joints will also be well exercised (amongst other things). Certain positions that were not really possible, could become more accessible. Now, this does not mean for you to try and become Simone Biles and land yourself in the hospital. Certain positions offer deeper penetration and when your legs and hips gain a new range of movement, you will wonder why you didn’t do this before.

Oral Activity

As most people know, the genitals tend to be the most sensitive part of the body. If you have been ignoring them, then here is a tip: start paying attention. There are more nerve endings around our genitals causing more intense pleasure when these areas are stimulated. You don’t have to watch a ton of porn to be better, especially since everyone is different. Instead just pay attention to your partner. Which spot gets the most reaction out of him? What makes him move away? When you learn these and use them to your advantage,  I guarantee you will have him in the palm of your hand, both literally and figuratively.

Toying Around

Now you don’t have to turn your man into Christian Grey, but you can expand his horizons. Touch can be very powerful in foreplay. Have a clean feather duster? Take it and run it down his chest. Don’t have one? Use ice as a substitute.  Take it and rub it around his nipples. Men’s nipples are sensitive too. Make sure whatever you use, he is comfortable with. Do not pull out a whip and expect him to jump for joy unless he is into that.

Pay Attention

One of the easiest ways to blow your partners mind: PAY ATTENTION. Seriously its not that complicated. When you start paying attention you notice what they like and don’t like. If  your partner isn’t vocal in the bedroom, watch their body language, Its hard to conceal. Watch their facial expressions in different positions during sex.   Listen to their breath, when you touch them. Please don’t stand over them, when they sleep to study them. That is just weird.

Get Loud

A lot of men love to hear women moan when it comes to sex. It is a vocal indication they are enjoying themselves. Some also like when women talk dirty. That saying “lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets” wasn’t lying. When something feels good, express it. Sometimes men need the encouragement. Talk dirty to him. let him know you like him touching you or whatever else he does that you enjoy. Not only will it turn him on, but it also encourages him to do it more often.

Make Him Dessert

One of the ways to surprise your partner, is to make him be the dessert. This is also very cost effective way. All you need is some whipped cream, ice cream and your choice of fruit. If you want to make it even sweeter you can drizzle some chocolate syrup on him too. Make his body into your favorite sundae or dessert.Take your time licking off all the condiments. You might want to also place the ice cream on sensitive ares. The cold will take things to another level. Bon Appetit.

Get Touchy 

Men can be very visual creature. Some of them love to watch a women who is turned on. Touching yourself in front of him, will have him dying to touch you. Do not go straight for your vagina. Tease him a little. Start with your neck and work your way down, by the time you get there, he might just take matters into his hands.

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