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8 Ways To Bring Fun Back Into Your Relationship

The beginning of the relationship is always the part that’s filled with the most smiles and laughs. But after a while it slowly begins to die own, and next thing you know it the honeymoon period is over.

The things you do within the relationship, seem more like an obligation now. The fun has died, and now maintaining the relationship may seem more like a job now.

But you can fix that, and bring back the fun into you and your partners relationship, with these 8 methods.


Change up the scenery, explore a new place together, and create some new memories. Traveling creates a sense of excitement, which the both of you will share. Make sure to do some fun activities that BOTH of you  enjoy.

Learn something new together

Do something new, like taking a cooking class in Malaysian cuisine, or learn how to rock climb. Learning something new can be exciting and fun, and together you can support each other on your new conquests.

Create an itinerary of things you both want to try

creating an itinerary can allow both of you to see what the other person is interested in doing, and what they find fun. Also creating plans, allows you to have something to look forward to, adding some fun plans can shake things up.

Also Be Spontaneous

But not everything has to be planned. Instead of talking about that new restaurant down the street, why not go and try it. She’s been talking about that new makeup brand for a while, why not buy her something from there. Or maybe go on Groupon and get two tickets for you to see his favorite baseball team play. Sometimes its good to be impulsive

Be apart of something you both enjoy

There’s some social clubs you two can probably join. Maybe join a bowling team, or play some volleyball or dodgeball. Being more social can breath new life into your relationship, and force you two to go out more.


Don’t keep going to the same Chinese spot for food every night, switch things up. Explore and look for new places to eat at, or events to attend. Don’t keep doing the same things, and going to the same places. Don’t make life boring, go and find some fun.

Create some games for the two of you to play

Play the floor is lava when you’re outside, have starring matches when you make eye contact during dinner. Act like a kid sometimes, and have some light-hearted fun.

No need to have so many restriction, rules, and arguments

Sometimes the fun starts to die when there’s tension in the relationship. Someone or both of you, might feel like you might be walking on egg shells, and that’s no fun. Be open with each other, no need to be over controlling or judgmental all the time. Sometimes it’s okay to not give a fuck.

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