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8 Ways Dating Multiple People at Once Can Backfire on You

Dating can be fun but at times, in the end, it can lead to nothing. You might date someone for a bit, and things might either lead to a more serious relationship, or it just fizzle out between you two.

So you might consider keeping options around you, which kind of makes you a player, but love is a game I guess, right? You might go out with person A, the next day go to the movies with person B, and then have coffee with person C on the weekend.

And when you think about it, it sounds manageable. Hell, it even sounds fun having multiple people giving you attention and wanting to spend time with you. But dating multiple people can backfire on you when find yourself having to not only please and impress one person, but multiple.

You now have multiple people whom you have to get to know, and make time for. Then, at some point, make a decision about who you will move forward with.

So you’re life becomes a reality show, except people at home aren’t rooting for you to find love while you lie and break the hearts of several people.

It can get confusing

At times you might find things to get confusing, like when it comes to who you were planning on going out with that night, or were you having that conversation with person A or person B?

It’s hard to keep your schedule in order

Sometimes it can be hard to keep all your plans in order. That’s where a calendar comes into play, like actually have a calendar, because next thing you have two dates in one day. It can sound exciting but will just end up wearing you out.

Names can be forgotten or mixed up 

So if you haven’t seen person C in a while at times you can find your self forgetting their name or it taking some time to remember. I mean, you’re over hear juggling two other names so a third is just making it more complex. You’re always under the constant fear that you might mention one of the others names while with one of them

It’s hard to decide who you want to be more serious with

At some point you’re going to have to make a decision as to who you want to exclusively date. And that decision might be a bit hard to make because you might end up finding yourself having strong feelings for more than one person. Basically it’s like The Bachelor.

When more than one person wants to get serious with you

Things can get pretty messy when more than one of your suitors ends up falling with you. Right now you’re at a level one dating stage with them, so things aren’t exclusive. But if they both want to date you seriously you’ll be forced to choose, or you could try and date both and be a cheater. Both of these situations are just too much, you shouldn’t have this much drama in your life.

It can get exhausting 

Always having to get ready for dates, dealing with the emotions and demands of several people, and trying to make yourself available to all of them is annoying. It can be really stressful and you might end up stretching yourself thin. Especially when you consider the fact that you have your own life with friends a job or school that need attention as well.

Is it cheating

I mean is it cheating? Unless you’re letting these people know that you’re dating other people, technically you’re lying to them, or you can think of it as your holding back a very important detail. But honestly that shit is going to make you feel really bad at times.

The fear of them finding out you’re dating other people

Now the worst possible scenario would be them finding out that you’re dating other people without knowing that you have been dating other people this whole time. Not only might you lose the relationships you built, but you will also have to live with the guilt and shame of having hurt all of these people and betraying their trust.

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