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8 Ways to Own Your Flaws and Learn From Them

Some weaknesses we can change about ourselves. And some we cannot. But there are those weaknesses that can be molded into strengths. And those are the best of all. Life is a learning experience, and we grow by paying attention to the lessons the universe is giving us. Here are some ways to grow as a person, and transform your flaws into assets.

Practice Mindfulness 

There isn’t a whole lot that cannot be partially fixed or even completely remedied simply by practicing mindfulness. It is a helluva tool to have in your arsenal. When it comes to weaknesses or flaws, mindfulness can be utilized to make you a more prudent and attentive person. If you are aware that you sometimes snap on people and make it a mission to be careful about that. You go from being snappish, to the opposite, being very attentive to, and concerned with, how you impact people.

Compensate… In a Good Way 

We usually think of compensating as a bad thing. Oh he’s compensating for a small penis. She is compensating with her body for an empty brain. But in all honesty, there is no shame in compensating. For instance in the SATS, if you know you are a weak math student, you want to do everything you can to make sure you are stellar in the other sections. If you aren’t very good at focusing, make up for it by having a great work ethic and be the last person to leave the library or the office.

Have a Trusted Advisor 

Make sure you have someone you trust, who can reliably tell you when you are making a mistake, or when THAT part of you is coming up. This person will serve you as a filter of sorts, or a protective net against your weaker instincts.

Ditch the Pride 

It is important to have the know-how at times, but there is no shame in asking for help. It is even a skillset that many people are lacking in. So if you know you aren’t a great writer, ask your friend who works at a newspaper to read over your work before sending it in maybe.

Be Real About This 

You aren’t a great public speaker. You can’t dance. You overthink things. It is helpful to recognize that these “flaws” are not uncommon. Knowing that you are not alone will help you feel less stressed out about these weaknesses, and will probably help you perform a little better.

Study Your Weakness 

Read that book, essay, or blog. In the modern age there is so much written on every topic that you could possibly think of. If you can’t flat out change your flaw, you bet your ass you can do everything in your power to understand it.

Don’t Give Up Easy 

If at first you do not succeed, try try again. That goes double when what you are trying to accomplish is hard for you. So work hard, and you will not only improve that weakness, you will learn a valuable lesson about hard work. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone (what a barbaric saying…).

Don’t Overthink It 

Remember that as corny and cliche as this is, it is true that nobody is perfect. Everybody has their flaws. Cut yourself some slack.


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