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8 Ways to Get Someone to Text You Back

So you’ve texted someone, you’ve had a few decent exchanges, and now they’ve stopped responding. Maybe they’re busy. Maybe they’ve lost interest. Maybe, just maybe….they’ve been kidnapped?

It’s impossible to know, but it doesn’t matter. You need their undivided attention. It is your birthright. And now your head is spinning and you don’t know what to do.

Relax. Take a deep breath. There is strategy to consider, here. You must be tactful. Consider your options.

Send More Texts

This is everyone’s first impulse. Sometimes it works. You want to time it right, however. Give them an hour. Start with a single text. “You busy?” After another twenty minutes, send three more. Get a little passive-aggressive with it. Lots of room for creativity here.

Call Them

If you suspect they don’t feel like talking any more, and you really want to make them, here’s a counter-intuitive trick: give them a call. They’ll hear the buzzing, see you’re calling them, decline the call and text you back right away. Anything to avoid talking on the actual phone. No one likes talking on the actual phone.

Send Pics

They don’t have to be nudes — though those are fairly likely to get some kind of response. It can just be a cute dog on the street or some shit. It can be a shot of the kitchen floor. A picture shifts the conversation, triggers a different part of their brain, and elicits either arousal, laughter, or confusion; any of which makes them more likely to say something back.

Intrigue Them

This can take many forms. You can send a text that reads like it was meant for someone else. That may prompt a response, even if just to say, “?? i think u sent that to the wrong person lol.” That’s something, right?

Or you can text something like, “Yzzjght.” They’ll worry you’re drunk or having a stroke and check in on you. Or they’ll text you a question mark. Either way, now you’ve got them.

Ask Questions

A question, especially an open-ended question, lets them steer the conversation toward subjects that interest them. “What u up to?” lets them talk about the show they’re watching or the video game they’re playing. “doing anything tonite?” lets them go on about their stupid fantasy football league, or forces them to respond just to make sure you don’t get any ideas that the two of you might hang out later (“nope just passing out after work lol”).

Be Funny

If you’re not funny by nature, you can steal a bunch of shit from the internet. Send them memes. Send an impatient emoji. If it’s been a while since they’ve responded, send a gif of someone checking their watch or something. Hahaha! They’ll love that. Or they’ll find it needy and passive-aggressive. You’ve got a fifty-fifty shot!

Don’t Be Desperate

But seriously. For once in your life, play it cool. Be funny, be engaging, be normal. Desperation is the biggest turn-off.

Leave Them Alone

In fact, maybe just stop texting them. Go for a walk or something. Jesus. They’ll respect you more if you’re capable of non-awkward silences. If you’re able to sit with your own thoughts. If you come across as a self-aware, emotionally mature person.

Let them be. You can text them again tomorrow, maybe.


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