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8 Ways to Make a Good First Impression on Absolutely Anyone

If you care to make a good first impression it’s easier than you would expect. Perhaps most people may judge others from the moment they see them, but the most effective methods of impression will almost always be communication and character. The things we do often have more of an impact than anything else.

With that in mind, it’s good to also stay open to others ideas and expressions. No one thinks fondly of anyone that may appear to think they’re too good for others or perhaps simply don’t respect others way of life. It’s good to hold a proper balance between ideas of your own and taking others into consideration. Therefore it’s probably best to steer clear of matters which may stir up debate rather than ignite in depth conversation, at least the first time you’re meeting someone.

Simple matters such as acknowledging others can also go a long way. People recognize gestures such as these and ultimately make their outlook of who you are on them even if they don’t truly know you entirely. They think of them as small glimpses as to who you may be.

Here are 8 ways to make a good first impression, that actually don’t take very much effort. They simply require a little thought and respect of others.

Say What You Mean and Do What You Say

People are encouraged to imitate those that do what they say they’re going to do. They are more trusting of these individuals being that they know for fact they can count on them.

Be Open to New Ideas

Being open minded and being able to accept someones ideas, or a different outlook from yours, not only shows maturity but it also benefits us as a society. Accepting others for their differences, and still being able to love fellow man or woman-kind is freeing in a sense. It ultimately encourages people to just be themselves and fear not of the judgement that often inhibits many of our minds.


Simply acknowledging others when they walk in the room can have great impact. It shows not only that you’re kind to others but speaks sullen notion of respect and boldness as well.

Avoid Politics

Of course, the rule on everyones list. If you wish to avoid the possibility of not only major confrontation, but  permanent negative regards (depending on the other persons stance I suppose), then at all cost talk about something other than politics upon your first initial meeting with someone.

Control Your Ego

No one likes someone that thinks a little to much of themselves, and it’s definitely noticeable when people do. Of course there’s nothing wrong with believing in yourself or your abilities, but when you believe in matters to the point that you believe you make no mistakes or outcast someone else for their faults it can leave a nasty mark on the way others view of you.

If You’re Comfortable Share Your Passions

People often enjoy hearing what others are passionate about, it amounts to aspirations, ambitions. If you’re comfortable share them. It often encourages others to do the same, or perhaps provide you with advice along the way.

Being Positive

This one is simple. People don’t like being around people that ruin their high (not literally but you know). They are encouraged by others they see making their best efforts to remain positive in light of what we endure throughout life.

Body Language

Again we’re talking about simple matters such as a smile, making eye contact, actively listening. These make good first impressions as they come off as making you appear more approachable, more friendly.

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