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8 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Feel Like Giving Up

It’s not uncommon to feel like everything is working against you. I guess you could apply that comment to the world in general today, with everything that’s currently taking place. That doesn’t give justification to simply give up however. You’ve got to get up, dust yourself odd and carry on. It’s the only possible solution to bettering your situation.

Perhaps this part may not be the most pleasant but that’s just it, it’s part of the journey to get to that which you seek. Though your vision may appear somewhat foggy at the moment, keep in mind the only direction to go if you want to make it there is forward. You could of course wallow in defeat, but what good would that do you?

There’s no better place for you than that next step, and the next step after that, and so on. All you have to do is defeat that voice telling you that you can’t, or “The Nothing,” as the 1984 film The Never Ending Story refers to it (yes I just took you back a few decades – thank me later). That will be your most difficult task, but also your most freeing. Some may arrive at it sooner than others, some later. Here are some weapons to prepare you for that battle.

Remember this is Only Part of the Journey

Though it may seem unbearable. This is the part that will make you, you. The part that will enable you, after to leap hurdles that may arise in the future. Though a difficult concept to comprehend depending on your circumstances, if you begin to perceive the situation as only a strengthening exercise I assure you things will start looking up.

There’s Nothing Achieved in Giving Up

If you’ve already made it this far there’s no point in giving up. Imagine if Steve Jobs had given up on his first prototype of the iPhone, after already investing time and effort into the product. Apple would not be nearly “only” $255 billion from being a trillion dollar company today. Notice I said “only,” because Apple has strengthened itself to the point it makes that gap appear relatively small goal. As you will in the future.

Read Success Stories

Take a look at the stories of Oprah Winfrey, JAY-Z, Eminem, Steve Harvey, Arnold Schwarzenagger, J.K. Rowling, or anyone else of your choosing that wasn’t provided a handout. Before they were these household names, they were everyday people. The one thing they all have in common you ask? They all carried on throughout their individual journeys when times got rough. They didn’t stop.

Don’t Wallow in the Past

Put the past behind you and keep going. So what if you didn’t get as far as you would’ve liked in prior efforts. Learn from them, and carry that positive knowledge you gained from the experience onward with you as progress.

Brick Wall Technique

The quickest way to end, or inhibit, your journey is to keep looking back. Whether in terms of old habits, or looking back on negative situations don’t even consider going back. Stop, think, and advance. There is no better place than for you than that which lies ahead. A good technique that has worked for me is picturing a brick wall being paved behind me as I progress. There’s nowhere to go back to, leaving no other option but to go forwards.

Take Pride in Small Accomplishments + Appreciate the Opportunity

Though small remember even the most minimal accomplishments are an advancement in your journey. You should consider them as such, as they are a part of your much larger goal. Remember what you may see as a small accomplishment, someone else with a strong desire to accomplish the same may see as a tremendous feat. Appreciate your opportunities.

Spend Time with People who are Supportive

Being around likeminded people, your friends, your family, internet friends, whoever the people that nourish you mentally are is always a good method of recharging and motivating yourself to carry on.

Remember Why You Do it and Who You Do it For

Why does any superhero keep fighting even after they’ve endured the most treacherous of battles? Because they’re motivated by something much larger than themselves to do so, something that they’re able to draw from in the most inexplicable of ways. If your motives, your purpose behind chasing your end goal, lie on on nothing but your own interest you will be right back where here… feeling like you’re ready to give up again. Whether it be your children, your family, friends, the betterment of society, without something bigger than yourself to fight for you serve no purpose.

Without that you will assuredly grow weary, and lack the proper motivation to carry on. This is an essential key, if not the most essential to effectively remind you to KEEP GOING.

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