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8 Ways To Play It Cool If You’re Dating Someone New

Sometimes when dating someone new we can get a head of ourselves, or a bit excited. This can lead to some issues, and maybe things not working out.

Sometimes you have to play it cool. Show  them that you’re interested in dating them, but not in rush to marry them.

Dating should seem effortless, and you owe it to yourself to not do anything that might stress you out, or cause you any heartbreak. So here are 8 ways to play it cool when dating someone new.

Don’t Call or Text Them all the Time

Give them some space, you don’t always need to be the one to reach out to them. If they’re interested in you, then they will take the time and make the effort to reach out to you.

Don’t Overthink Things

Don’t overthink the things they say or do. Things are brand new, and you are still getting to know each other. If you start stressing yourself out about things, or getting needlessly upset over everything it’ll start to effect the relationship.

Give Them Space

Like I said before, do not text them and call them every 5 minutes, especially when they don’t even reach out to you as much. Give them time for themselves, and also give them the chance to be the one to reach out to you.

Keep Yourself Occupied When They’re Not Around

Sometimes with a new relationship, we slowly start becoming more focused on the “us” than the “me.” You shouldn’t be waiting around for them to spend time with you, or harass them about meeting up. Find something to do that will fill up those gaps in between meet ups with them. Also when they ask you what you’ve been up to you can mention that you went camping over the weekend, instead of staring at your phone for a notification.

Come Up with Dates in Which you Both can get to Know Each Other Comfortably

Sometimes standard dinner dates, lead to awkward conversation topics or just awkward silence. Try doing some activities with each other where you can be yourself, and not feel any nervousness.

Don’t Start to Fantasize About the Future Just Yet

Don’t get ahead of yourself, and start to fantasize about building a life with this other person. You don’t want to build expectations, and place pressure on this newly budding romance. If they don’t meet all your expectations it might let you down, but in reality not everyone is going to meet all your expectations. So just go with the flow of things, and get to know them

Don’t Start Using Labels

If you’re dating someone new, try to hold off on labels, it might scare them away or place pressure on the relationship for it to progress faster than either of you are ready for.

Don’t Pry into Their Personal Life too Much

Don’t try to force them to open up to you, it should happen naturally. Ask simple questions and share certain things about yourself, and if that inspires them to share something personal — Then great ! But don’t make them feel like you’re in a rush to get to know them, or give them the feeling of being interrogated.

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