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8 Ways to Rekindle with a Long Lost Love

Sometimes in life you might meet someone whom you found a deep connection with and cared about dearly but circumstances make it that you and them had to end things. From time to time you might find yourself thinking about this long lost love of yours.

Today it’s easy to get in contact with someone, or find out what someone is up to. So it  might not be that hard finding a way to contact your long lost love. The tricky party is how you can reconnect with them?

If you feel that you might want another chance with them, or that things could have worked out if not for certain issues, you might want to reconnect. And when you reconnect you may want to rekindle things with them, and they might want the same as well.

Let social media be your wingman

Reuniting with an old flame is much easier these days thanks to social media. So make social media your wingman. You can find them on Facebook or Instagram (yes, I’m giving you permission to stalk them), and take that brave leap by sending them a friend request or following them. If they accept or follow back then that’s a start and now a connection has been made.

First ask yourself if you’re willing and able

Before you jump into anything, ask yourself if your ready to start something with this person once again. If you are willing then that means your willing to overcome anything that may have posed as an issue previously in your relationship with them.

Find out if the other person is single or not

First things firstBefore you rush in to things, find out if they’re single or not. No need to be a home wrecker especially if they’re happy with the person they’re with.

Bring up old memories that you know both of you treasure

When talking with them try to recall old memories, sometimes nostalgia can spark up old feelings that might lead you two to wanting to try things out again.

Be light hearted, and try to stay away from anything negative

Try not to bring up negative things from the past when talking to them. If they want to bring up some issues they had then be sure to listen and hear them out and no turn it into a conflict. But try to steer clear of negativity. You guys can talk about the more serious things later if there’s promise of something happening between you two.

Have simple conversations with one another

Don’t try and have too many serious conversations. Try to keep things causal at first. Try to feel each other out once more and enjoy spending time with one another without forcing talks about the future and your expectations on them yet.

Don’t get your hopes up

When trying to rekindle with a long lost love, don’t get your hopes up too much. When you see each other again you might realize that you two have changed since you last met, and might be heading in different directions in life. So don’t expect too much because things might not turn out the way you want them to.

Learn about what they’ve been up to, and what’s changed about them or for them

Try to get to know them once again, things might have changed about them or for them that you should be interested in knowing. It’s important to know these things because it can affect your feelings towards them, theirs towards you, and the possibility of there every being something between the two of you.

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