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8 Ways Social Media Stresses You Out

Social media can be super stressful. It can cause you to feel like your life is inferior to other people because you are looking at their perfect lives. There tend to be more negative impacts social media has on your life, yet why do we all still use it?

It’s as though social media is an addiction, and addictions tend to make your life worse. There are many reasons as to why social media stresses you out, and why you should ditch it for good. Here are 8 ways social media stress you out:

You compare your life to people online

If you spend your time looking at these amazingly beautiful people living their lives and this makes you jealous, you shouldn’t look at those pictures anymore. You shouldn’t be living your life for anyone but yourself. If you spend your life wishing you were someone else, it will just cause distress.

You are only seeing their best moments

Not only are you comparing your life to others, you are seeing what they choose to post online, which is usually the best version of themselves. You can’t trust this. Even if they travel the world, have an adorable family, or have the perfect body. They have their own issues that they deal with outside of social media.

It can destroy your relationship

When you obsess over who’s pictures your boyfriend is liking, or if they are talking to someone else on social media, it can be stressful. There are so many ways now a day that you can talk to someone online so easily, but is it worth ruining a relationship over?

You spend too much time caring about people not even in your life

If you are obsessing over social media, it’s easy to find people that you think are better friends than yours, or a better partner than the one you have. This can lead to you ruining a lot of the relationships in your life for relationships that aren’t as important as you.

Stalking your ex

Stalking your ex’s social media will just make you unhappy. You shouldn’t have to sit there and basically watch your ex move on. I’ve had an ex that wasn’t on social media, and one that was constantly posting, guess which one was easier to get over?

Can cause depression/ anxiety

Social media can actually cause mental health issues. It can lead to depression and anxiety which can obviously negatively impact your life. What is more important to you? Social media or your mental health?


People will say anything when they are hiding behind a computer screen. They can be really mean and hurtful to you, and it can be devastating and stressful to see people say these things to you online. You don’t need that kind of stress in your life.

Lack of socialization

Spending too much time on social media can make you build this fake life away from reality. It can cause you to be stressed out and nervous when actually interacting with people outside of your comfort zone of social media.

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