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8 Ways To Still Enjoy You’re Sex life If Your In A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships can take a toll on people. When your partner is miles away it can be hard to deal with. Especially when it comes to intimacy. It’s hard to feel close to someone when you’re not physically close. Obviously, in a long distance relationship, your sex life takes a hit.  So how do you maintain that intimacy without feeling like your going crazy? Simple. Here are some tips.

Sexting is Your Friend

Get in touch with your inner texter. Send a really dirty text and get into the habit of being descriptive and creative. In the middle of the day, send a text saying you wish they could touch you. Now send a picture showing them exactly where you would like to be touched. I can guarantee you that will spark a heated conversation. Surprise your partner with random texts about fantasies. Maybe schedule a date where you both meet in a city and pretend to be strangers meeting for the first time. You can text your partner a picture of you, the place and your fantasy. I bet tickets will be booked before you finish your last text.

Video Chat

If you have never used video chat, get familiar. Most social media sites now allow you to do it for free. Facebook and Google Hangouts are popular options. Schedule video dates with each other to keep the romance alive. It will keep you guys on a schedule even though you are miles away. Set the mood, turn down the lights wherever you are and create a space where only you and your partner exist.

Send Them Your Fantasies

Instead of just simple love letter, send them pictures of yourself in your favorites fantasies. Cut out pictures of you guys and post them to location with a letter of instructions for your next meet up. Even if they come out cheesy, the anticipation of the meet up will be worth it. Worst case scenario: you guys can laugh about it.

Send Them Videos 

If you’re more outgoing, send your partner a video of you mimicking what you wish they could do to you. Make sure you send them a warning text that it is not NSFW. The last thing they need is to open up a video of you moaning at their office. Make sure you weigh the risks as well. Be sure you can trust your partner. You don’t want to end up in a revenge porn lawsuit. Remember that once something is on the Internet it is almost impossible to erase it.

Get Traditional

Take it back to handwriting. There is something really special when someone sends you a love letter. It shows that someone took extra time out of their day to contact you. Write down ways in which you appreciate your partner, for the things they do. Also, include some of their physical attributes, If you love the cleft in his chin or the dimples on her lower back, write it down.  If you wear perfume or cologne, feel free to spray the letter before you seal it. Then when they open it, it will remind them of you.

Leave them surprises

When you go to your partner’s place, feel free to hide a few surprises. Buy them their favorite wine and leave it in the fridge. Mark some of your favorite spots that you’ve enjoyed each other company.  Leave them notes that inspire them to have a great day. Not only is this a sweet gesture, but it will leave your partner itching to contact you as well as do other things.


Sometimes couples forget that its not all about sex. However everything else in a relationship can affect the sex you are having. If you have started to slack on conversing together, work on that. Video chat each other cooking dinner. Discuss how that latest meeting or venture went. Keep up with each others lives. Don’t obsess, but keep the communication flowing.

If All Else Fails

Consider someone moving close to the other. If all else fails and you really cant stand the distance. Run this by your partner first. Do not just surprise move in with your partner either.

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