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8 Ways to Tell if Your Partner is Really Committed to You

When it comes to relationships, everything is proportional. Small gestures suddenly seem huge. You read secret meanings into everyday sentences. It becomes a strange balancing act: there’s always going to be one person in a relationship at any given time who feels like the other doesn’t take them as seriously as they take them. That’s just human nature, unfortunately. But things don’t have to be that way. You can stop worrying and wondering and be content, once you consult the following list: 8 ways to tell if your partner is really committed to you.

Eye Contact

It’s a small thing, but it’s important. Personally, I’m really terrible with eye contact, because I’ve always been shy. Once I became an adult, I was shocked to find that shyness is no longer a viable excuse, and people just assume that you’re an asshole if you don’t make eye contact. But the better your partner is, the easier it is to look them in the eye. If their gaze doesn’t break, you’re doing a-ok.

Arms Uncrossed

When my friends and I were in 8th grade and desperate for female attention (which is the polite way to put it), one of my friends found some website about body language, and it said that if a girl was not interested in you, she kept her arms and/or her legs crossed. If she was down to clown, her arms were wide open, Creed style. I still have no idea if all that was true, but hey, we all may die in a nuclear war soon, so let’s go with it.

All Smiles

Well this is definitely true, because Bill Nye the Science Guy said it: smiling is physically easier than scowling, in that it takes way less muscles. Sadly, it seems that life is often designed to make us scowl, and dating especially puts you into contact with all sorts of cretins who are just begging to be scowled at. So if you get some smiles, you’re literally putting that person at ease.

Long Hugs

Believe it or not, you can determine a lot about the likely course of your nascent relationship by the hug at the end of your first date. If it’s brief and perfunctory, then that probably means there’s not going to be a second date, due to overall lack of chemistry. However, if you’re holding onto each other like you never want the date to end, then maybe, in effect, it won’t end.

Talks About The Future

This one is a huge indicator of where you stand in a relationship. When your partner talks about the future, do they use terms like “us” and “we,” or is it all “me” and “I”? If it’s the former, then you two are in it to win it. If it’s the latter, then I’d consider taking stock of things.

Values Your Opinion

Simply put: are you the first person they go to when they need advice on something big? Or even if they don’t necessarily go to you first, are you the deciding opinion on most issues? Hey, at least you’re doing better than if they didn’t ask for your opinion at all.

Meet the Friends

How quickly and eagerly are you welcomed into the inner sanctum of friendship? If it’s right away, and before you know it, their friends have become your friends, then you’re definitely on the right track. Alas, if you’ve been together for six months and their friends still have no idea that you exist, then alarm bells should be going off.

Their Folks Are Your Folks

Parents: the final frontier. The ultimate judgement. There is no bond deeper than family, and by meeting your partner’s parents, you are effectively becoming part of that bond, or at least auditioning to, in a way. If you’re cool with the folks, then consider yourself in like Flynt.

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