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8 Ways To Tell You’re Really Compatible With Someone

The astrological signs aren't the only way to know you're compatibility.

Love is difficult to find but once you got it, you have to make sure it’s right. Currently there are millions of people in this world who are wasting their time with some loser who doesn’t deserve them. So how can we know when this lover is someone who merits the honor of escorting you? You guessed it! A comparability test! But, who in the hell has time to answer 3,000 questions about their attitude on child-rearing or their views on smoking? No one! The easiest way to know if you are compatible with a partner is by following your heart; just kidding, you can’t trust your heart to make the right decision.

There are some very basic questions you can ask yourself if you are questioning your partner’s future in your life; none of which have to do with your astrological signs. As if finding someone that isn’t a serial killer and somewhat respectable isn’t hard enough, you can’t also expect for them to be a pisces because it’s the most compatible sign for you.

You have shared interests

This seems pretty obvious and yet I have to restate it. There’s no such thing as “opposites attract”, if you are a person that enjoys sports and you like someone who wants nothing to do with any sport, it’s not going very far. A couple must have a common set of interests in order to get along. If you enjoy the same things, you are going to be pretty damn compatible.

You understand each other’s temperaments

Two people who love to argue over everything will not be a long-lasting couple. It’s too much of the same thing and it just doesn’t work. There has to be a mutual understanding of how each person deals with certain situations; sure we all have that trigger topic but all in all, we all cope in different ways. There needs to be a balance between both temperaments.

You’re attracted to one another

Again, this is pretty basic and almost so superficial it makes me skin crawl; yet it’s so important in compatibility. Physical and sexual attraction doesn’t just rely on the appearance of the person but a lot about their energy. If you appreciate your lover and are attracted to them even when they wear the same dirty t-shirt, then you got a good one.

You find each other’s quirks endearing

I enjoy picking the dry mascara off my eyelashes at the end of the day; by the time I have completely picking the mascara, there are black specks all over my cheeks. If my partner doesn’t appreciate that then they don’t give a shit about me. Some people find it disgusting but it’s such a ritual for me that my partner would have to understand it and not judge me; and that’s how I know we’re compatible.

You have similar upbringings

It’s essential for us to be open to other cultures and ways of life however, in order for there to be a mutual understanding in life, couples should have similar upbringings. There’s a certain way that people present themselves and it’s based largely on how they were raised. Couples can understand one another more if they had similar experiences.

They are the first person you want to share news with

Good or bad, this person is the first person you want to contact when anything happens in your life. Start thinking about the order on the phone chain when there’s something that you need to tell people about; if your partner is on top then you’re compatible.

You feel completely comfortable around them

If you go to take a shit and you call your partner over to tell them a story and they actually sit through the entire story: THAT’S LOVE.

You are committed to growing together

The most important way to know if you’re compatible with your partner is knowing you’re both committed to growing together. In the end, nothing matters if you don’t commit to one another and support each other’s dreams.

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