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8 Ways to Make Your Relationship Past Cuffing Season

Cuffing Season starts when the temperature is calls for sweaters, and cuddles in bed. The season stretches from October to March, and includes all the major holidays. It’s the time where you settle down for a bit, using the body warmth and love from your partner to keep you warm during the cold nights.

But once the weather heats up, the inner single person emerges from its winter-long slumber, and is ready to have some fun. SO not all couples make it past the cuffing season, but it’s not impossible.

There are ways to make your relationship stronger during the cuffing season, in order to keep it from expiring once that warm spring weather hits.

Keep things interested

Don’t just keep doing the same things every time you guys meet. Go on dates to different places or try some new cuisine. Keep things interesting so then neither of you will ever feel as though hanging out with one another is just a mundane task you do, until you get home to the bedroom.

Make some future plans

Come up with some plans for the future and discuss it with them. This will be a great way to both see where they stand in the relationship based on their reaction, as well as showing them that you’re interested in them even after cuffing season ends.

Great Sex

Never let the sex get boring. Cuffing season signals cold weather and sweaters, which means everyone is at home trying to stay home. Which means you and your partner have the time to explore, and try out some new things in bed. Making your sex life more interesting, and consistent will help your relationship go past cuffing season.

Don’t allow for there to be too many arguments

Don’t argue over every little thing with them. Cuffing season is a time where things are supposed to be relaxed, as you two enjoy each other company. Having arguments will put a strain on your relationship, and once the warm weather hits you might be considering whether or not this relationship will really last.

Go on actual dates rather then Netflix and Chilling, and cuddling all day

Netflix and chill doesn’t count as a date, maybe during a blizzard as your only option, but you two should try to go out. The way you two interact indoors cuddling all day, can differ from how two interact outside, so take some time to get to know each other while in different environments.

Don’t date someone who only invites you to clubs and parties

If you want someone who will last past cuffing season, then don’t date someone who only invites you out to parties and clubs. These are not venues where you take someone whom you’re interested in getting to know better. So don’t waste your time with this person.

Have open communication

Try to your best to be open with your partner. Open communication between the two of you can establish a sense of comfort between you two. Being comfortable with each other is very important, and can help maintain the relationship past its due date.

Don’t be bothered by the little things

Cuffing season is the time to just enjoy your time spent with the person your with, so don’t let small and petty things hinder your relationship. Letting the small stuff get to you will only create bigger problems, and resentment, which can cause your relationship to not make it past the cuffing season.

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