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9 Dating Mistakes You’re Making Without Realizing It

You better wake up and pay attention.

Dating has taken on many forms through the years, first came arranged marriages and now we have dating apps like Tinder. It seems as though we have come full circle and yet we make the same mistakes. History does have a tendency to repeat itself so what makes us think that as a society, we aren’t making the same mistakes as our predecessors? Guess what? We are making the same mistakes. Often times our dating blunders all start as innocent mistakes that eventually lead to a disastrous finale. Most of those mistakes are all being done without the realization that we’re fucking up in the first place.

We never want to blame ourselves for some of the unsuccessful attempts at finding love but maybe we should. Maybe it’s time we take accountability for our actions because we are oblivious to our flaws. There are certain things everyone does while dating that can destroy a potential perfect match and it’s about time we highlight them. Save yourself from being that “person” who messes up a good date.

Chasing the wrong one

This could be the first problem when dating and often the most difficult one to realize. We all get excited when someone pays any interest to us so we fight tooth and nail to keep them. Love isn’t easy, right? Sure. But it shouldn’t be that hard. Make sure the person you’re dating is the right one for you.

Talking way too much

There is absolutely no reason to talk about your past relationships or that time you were a stripper in college. Stop talking so much that you prevent your partner from getting a word in. Sometimes it’s better to be a good listener than a loud talker.

Living in the past

Not every guy is like the last one you dated. You can’t compare the person you are currently dating to the ones from the past. Not every man or woman is the same so stop treating them like they are. Give your date the benefit of the date and allow yourself to be open to this person with no biases.

Being dishonest

There’s no reason to hide the fact that you live with your parents or that you have a bomb ass job. Don’t make up things about yourself to get a date. The person you are dating should be able to accept you as you are not as you think they want you to be.

Playing too hard to get

It’s important to let someone know that you aren’t actively seeking their affection but it is important for them to know you’re interested. Don’t play so hard to get that they think you’re just gone! Respond to their texts, greet them when you see them, be friendly without being desperate.

Expecting too much, too soon

We’ve all done this thing where we get that first text from someone and all sudden make color scheme choices for our wedding. Don’t expect to fall madly in love with one another from the second you meet. Give the potential relationship time without forcing things to happen. All that should happen will in due time.

Dressing like a hooker

You don’t need to have your tits out for a guy to be attracted to you. Don’t torture yourself in that tight dress and high heels; dress as you are! There shouldn’t be any part of you that you’re trying to edit to get someone to like you.

Trying to change them


Underestimating your value

If you are going out with somebody because you haven’t been asked out in a while. Know your worth and if it takes some time, then just wait. There’s no need to rush in dating or with love.

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