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9 Random Things Guys are Attracted to and Women Have No Idea

Girls notice everything. It’s in their nature. But guys, they can be clueless all the times at times. Little do they know that we pay more attention than they think.

In fact, we spend most of our time noticing the littlest of the things. Sometimes you’ll laugh at something that no one else noticed. Or you’ll have an idea and question why no one’s thought of it before. Guys are weird, yes, but we enjoy all things random.

Guys think about everything they see. And we think about girls all the time. While it’s easy to focus on a girl’s physical appearance, it’s challenging to find other things you may be attracted to. And while girls think they have it all figured out, there’s more we’re attracted to than you think.


Some guys really like (and need) to be told what to do. Finding that in a girl can seal the deal for some guys. Women may be timid on first dates, but it’s the bossy, outspoken ones that really leave a good impression in some cases.

Nail Color

I know some guys who always pick out their girl’s nail color. It’s something girls do for themselves but guys notice this right away. It’s a small thing but definitely does not go unnoticed. Also, this is a great conversation starter too.

Work Ethic

Everyone loves a person who knows how to handle business. A woman who shows off her ability to handle work and communicates with others is a turn on. Dealing with coworkers can be tough, but there are girls who know how to make the best of any situation. Guys notice this behavior and are attracted to it. If you can handle work well, these are similar skills that can be used in the home.

Drink of Choice

When at a bar, seeing what a girl is drinking can be helpful when approaching for conversation. If a girl is drinking wine at a dive bar, that can say a lot to a guy. Girls who are down for cold ones? They get noticed a lot too, and can even be seen as more approachable to guys. This common bond through drinks can bring attraction and fun.

Eye Contact

While on a date, it’s easy to be focused on so many things at once. However, maintaining eye contact is important. It lets your date know you’re still interested in what they have to say. A common skill that everyone should have, this is attractive because we like attention.


Girls LOVE shoes. This is a fact that’s been known forever. Few things excite girls more than going shopping. Guys hate shopping for the most part, but they can appreciate nice shoes. A good sense of style attracts guys, and nice kicks definitely add to that.

No Makeup

It’s OK to not wear makeup around us. A classy, clean look is attractive to guys. We enjoy the simplicity and while girls love to play around with makeup, some guys just don’t get it. It may seem like a lack of effort to go without makeup, but for most guys, they’ll be sure to compliment regardless.

Planning Skills

Girls are so punctual. Guys struggle with being on time. The two balance each other out and make for a great team. Guys love girls who can help them be more organized, especially with their time management. A girl with her calendars synced up, appointments planned and alarms set for the next day is more attractive than you think.


Some girls are conscious about how much they talk. Here’s a secret: Talk as much as you want! Guys love girls who can talk and carry a conversation well. Communication is key in building relationships. It can’t all just be on one person to do this. Talk more and see how guys will react.


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