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9 Real Things It Takes to be Successful

In these interesting times, as new technologies and inventions are gradually showing up and redefining our world in good and volatile ways, it seems as though we are more connected than we’ve ever been before. But the pursuit of success, as much as the pursuit of happiness, which goes hand-in-hand with success, remains unchanged.

Even with the boom of countless self-help books, motivational speakers, and videos we find on YouTube in which we listen, take notes, and try to apply to our lives and careers, they rarely seem to do the trick and only cause us more anxiety and depression.

To have success and to be successful is hard because nothing worth achieving in life comes without a price. It takes real things to be successful, especially in life in the 21st century, as it is not for the faint-hearted.

Have a vision

You can have the smarts, you can have the discipline, and you can have all the knowledge in the world, but they will all fall short and be incomplete without a vision, or dreams, to lead them. It is essential to dream, have a vision in which you can imagine being and going where you want to go in your career or life because only then will the mind begin to set in motion of working itself to achieve that.

Manage your time 

What is more valuable than money is time, and no matter how you slice and dice it, there are just a limited 24 hours in a day. Knowing how to manage your time will allow you to accomplish more tasks in shorter periods. By taking control of time and keeping a routine, you will feel calm and less stressful when examining options to decide. Furthermore, you will have a clearer picture of the demands on your time, which will lead to success.

Connect with others

Networking, making connections are crucial on the road to success. If you are always unwilling to see and go beyond your comfort zone, you will never find people, communities, and ideas that very well could have inspired, influenced and challenged you to become more than just what you were. Getting involved, clashing with others, and making connections will always lead to experiences, good and bad, that will provide meaningful lessons in the development of your character and worldview.

Break the rules

You will never be that “person” or be original if you are always confined and too well-behaved. After all, who has succeeded life without any conflicts? Think outside the box. Push the boundaries. Break the rules.


The key point here is in order to be successful and content you need to stimulate both your mind and body. It can give you motivation and confidence that can be applied to other aspects of life. Exercising is an activity that increases your physical vitality and endurance and keeps your mental activity sharp for the next battles to come.

Recognize resistance and beat it like a professional

There will come many times in your life when failures, rejections, and losses, and the fear brought on by them, will just beat the living hell out of you to the ground and you will stay there believing you are unable to get yourself back up. This is resistance and resistance use these negatives to paralyze, break, and prevent you from being focused and determined through its manifestations, like procrastination.

Dreams have died because of it. And resistance knows that you fear it and that you take it personally. The fear of failure and rejection is human and lies deeply in everyone. But if you embrace these negatives and learn to grow from it by accepting criticisms and enduring adversity and letting go of your ego, like a professional, working diligently and productively, will you have what it takes to beat resistance from pulling you away from the path to success.

Eat often and eat well

The familiar quote: “You are what you eat,” underscores how eating good food is necessary to be fit and healthy. Truly successful people know that to be productive, they need to fuel their body the right way. By taking the time to learn and study which foods are best for you can lead to a better mood, increased energy levels, positive inspiration to others, and heightened quality of life.

Be a voracious reader

Reading a lot of books will help you to get ahead in life as it increases the value of your thoughts and gives you insights that are relevant to your problems and strengths. You don’t have to read every kind of books the world has to offer. Be specific with your selection. Read what interests you but do it voraciously.

Trust yourself

Success, at the heart of it, comes down to trusting yourself. There are so many young people, like myself, who seek out advice from their parents, teachers, friends, and everyone on various issues, including decision-making, but at the end of the day, they are not you, and they do not make the decision for you. It’s most important to look within, dig deep down, and figure out who you want to be because no matter what obstacles you encounter, you will prevail if you choose to trust yourself and your abilities. Use your intuition and believe in yourself and you will eventually get to where you wanted to be.

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