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9 Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Being in College

Man, I love college

College is often remembered as the best time of one’s life. It’s probably because they were so drunk that they don’t remember the late night study sessions, early morning classes and the art of not getting drugged at a party. In titling the chapter of my life in college, it would read, ‘the easiest time, not the best time’. That resonates with my experience because college can be fucking scary; it is such a drastic change to your entire existence and it happens quickly. But, in that same respect, college was so easy in comparison with the bullshit of adulthood.

As adults, we are accustomed to smiling on the outside as we die on the inside. The thought of a simple life seems like a myth and often the last time any of us ever felt like life was easy was in college. Don’t get me wrong, there were some crazy awful experiences in school but more often than not, college was uncomplicated.

I’m sure some dumb ass 19 year old is going to read this and think that I obviously didn’t go to a real college because school is taxing. And they would be right, I didn’t go to a real college because I went to a Florida university. But the experience of college is all the same no matter what institution you attend because college is the shit.

You can be selfish

You only have to worry about yourself when you’re in school. You’re hungry? You can eat Oreos and not be judged. You have to neglect hygiene to finish a project? That’s fine because you’re the only one who has to live in your own filth.  You get to only be concerned with yourself and that is so much easier than worrying about a bunch of other bitches.

Lack of financial obligations

To think of time where I didn’t have to worry about bills is arousing. Enjoy getting those refund checks and spending it getting a nipple piercing and a vacation the Bahamas, that won’t continue after you graduate.

Lack of competition

Guess what kids? Everyone in college is basically the same as you. No one is necessarily in a better place than you because you’re all working towards the same goal and not competing against one another. You don’t have to be worried about Cindy getting a better grade than you on a test because an “A” and a “C” are both going to get you the diploma. C’s get degrees!

You can make friends at all times

I once made a friend outside a Tijuana Flats restaurant as we realized we were both throwing up the same burrito. It’s that easy! College forces you to be around people and want to talk to them. That is a rare occurrence in adulthood and sitting in your dorm watching “Dr. Who” won’t get you there. Stop wasting time!

There’s no such thing as time

If you literally have no idea what you are going to do with your life, you take classes until you figure out what you like. Why? Because you have all the time in the world! There is no deadline for anything, you do what you want because you have the rest of your life at your fingertips.

You’re not held accountable as much

This goes hand in hand with being selfish. When you don’t have anything that ties you down, you have the liberty of doing anything you want without repercussions. You decide to go to a party and skip class for the week, that’s fine. No one is going to punish you for doing that, you don’t have to face those consequences.

You get to travel

Because college is still the learning aspect of your life, people always think that traveling will help build you as a person. So you do things like study abroad and get to see the beauty of the world first hand. There’s a great sense of adventure in college life that is perpetuated with the ability to pick up and go whenever you fucking feel like it.

Your tolerance is much higher

When I was in school, I drank tequila like water and wrote papers on abortion like it was nothing. Three days ago, I smelled vodka and immediately threw up and was nursing a headache. Enjoy the strength of your liver, it will shortly get weaker.

The “real world” seemed so far away

Having a career and a 401K seemed like goals light years away, thus the responsibility of being a “grown-up” was too. As you get older, you realize that 4 years is nothing in comparison and time has a tendency to go quickly. So enjoy the time, you’ll miss it!




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