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9 Reasons to Dump Someone Who Lied to You, Even Once

Being lied to by someone whom your dating can be very hurtful, and may have a bigger impact than if someone else were to lie to you. This person is someone whom you gave your trust to. When you enter a relationship, you two are suppose to be open with each other, and there should be no lies between you two.

So when someone destroys that trust by lying, there might be no coming back from it. There decision to lie to you affects the relationship, you and, and how you perceive them now. And once a liar always a liar.

There’s a chance they might do it again

Getting back with them might mean you might have to endure their lies again. Theres no guarantee that they won’t do it agin, even if they promise they won’t.

They might think they can get away with other things if you forgive them for this

Giving them a pass for this, might make them feel as if they can get away with other things. Right now it might just be them lying, but they might continue to push the envelope seeing how much they can get away with.

You might never trust them again

You don’t want to continue dating someone whom you may never trust again. You will constantly be stressed out about whether or not they’re telling the truth. Why go through the constant anxiety and insecurities? At the end of the day it might be your lack of trust that will end the relationship.

You don’t want to paint the image that your someone who can be lied to

You don’t want people, or your partner, to see you as a sucker. Don’t make yourself to look like someone who is okay with being stepped all over; someone who just let’s everything go. You’re not a doormat. So don’t act like one and move on.

Why would you want to be with someone who didn’t consider your feelings

Them lying to you means they didn’t consider how you would feel when the truth came out and you found out they had lied. You two are a unit and are suppose to care for one another, especially each others feelings.

They might be lying about other things

There might be more lies that you may not know about and it’s only a matter of time before they come out. Instead of waiting around to see what more revelations you have to go through, leave. There’s no reason why you have to endure anymore lies.

You’ve been the only one staying honest the whole time

Realizing that you’ve been the only one in the relationship who has been honest can be hurtful. It feels as though you’ve been putting in all the work, giving them all that you had yet you got nothing in return. You deserve more and need to stop giving them more than they deserve.

You shouldn’t have toxic people in your life

You shouldn’t allow toxic people to stay in your life. You need to let go of people who don’t consider your feelings and who’ve hurt you. In order to live a positive and healthy life you need to get rid of the negative energy.

Take care of yourself first

You have to remember that you come first and you need to do what’s best for you. If being with a liar is detrimental to you, then you need to dump them, and take care of yourself. Don’t allow people who have hurt you into your life. Learn to let go.


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