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9 Reasons Everyone Should Go to Therapy

At some in your life, you’ve maybe made a joke to someone like Plankton from SpongeBob did when he said, “Goodbye everyone, I’ll remember you all in therapy”. Therapy is misconstrued in the American eye, as a taboo form of cleansing only required by those who’ve undergone traumatic mental trauma. As someone who has gone to therapy, I highly disagree. Everybody should go to therapy at least once in their life, to help them clear up any problems, no matter the size. An unbiased voice with professional experience in the field is bound to be more helpful then your stoner buddy who tells you to “do whatever feels right, man”.  Here’s my top nine reasons why therapy is worth a try.

It’s a Cure, Not A Treatment

They will listen to anything and everything you have to say, and they will be able give advice that usually isn’t solely applicable to the situation: It’s applicable for life. Most of what they say is a lesson to take with you, and use to help in the future, not just a band aid for whatever is happening right then and there.

They Don’t Judge

Your friends generally don’t judge you for the things you do or say, but rumors are always popping up out of nowhere. These can be hurtful, whether true or not. Therapists offer a say environment free of judgement to be able to confess any thoughts or feelings you have.

They’re Professionals

These people are doing this because they chose to. They spent their time and money earning degrees so that they could make other peoples’ lives better. They seek to help you for your own sake, not theirs. Their advice is a little more trustworthy than someone who is close to you and might not see things too differently from yourself.

They Don’t Gossip

Maybe there are some secrets that you don’t even want your friends to know, do to fear of how they may react, or because you’re ashamed. Therapists have confidentiality agreements that are sacred, so you can spill even the toughest secret knowing it starts and ends in that room.

They Have Payment Options

Don’t get hung up on the price. Lots of therapists have different payment options to make it more affordable for you.

You’ll Feel Better

They say that sometimes just telling someone something that you’ve been hiding is the best feeling. However true this may be, the advice and suggestions that therapists offer is also your RX to feeling better and healthier overall.

They’re Flexible

Even the busiest of schedules can accommodate a weekly pow-wow, and that means you, no matter how many meetings you need to postpone or how many sitters you have to call.

It’ll Make You A Better Friend

When you start employing some techniques you’ve learned at therapy, you’ll realize how much of a better listener and problem solver you’ve become. You won’t be licensed to do the same for others, but you’ll definitely be more empathetic to your friends.

You’ll Love Yourself

Sometimes we loathe who we are because of what we’ve done or blame ourselves for. Getting these problems off of our minds is a great way to forgive ourselves and accept who we are.

So what’s stopping you from being your best?

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