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9 Reasons Fighting With The People You Love Is A Good Thing

Arguing can be a scary thing sometimes, but it’s also something that needs to happen to prove that the relationship is healthy and not fake.  Arguing with someone you love could be over silly things or scary things, but whatever it is over you should let it happen. To prove that arguing is something that is a good thing to have in a relationship, here are 9 reasons fighting with someone you love is a good thing:

You care enough to argue

If you allow someone to walk all over you because you’re to afraid to start an argument then why are you dating in the first place?  If you’re arguing in the first place it must mean you care about each other because otherwise you wouldn’t go through all that trouble.

You’re Passionate

Arguing means fighting for what you want even if might be something kind of stupid.  If you’re fighting with someone you love it must be important to you if you’re putting your relationship in jeopardy.

Find out new things about each other

Arguing can lead to good conversations.  It leads to explanations and facts you might not have known about each other if you hadn’t of gotten in the argument in the first place.  They might be odd quirks that you didn’t know, but knowing these things now will help prevent fights in the future.

It can make you happier

I know this might be crazy to say, but fighting with someone you love can actually make you happier.  It shows, most of the time, that this person truly does care for you.  I know it might be weird to think about like that, but depending on what you’re fighting over you’ll be able to tell how much someone cares about you.

It can make them happier

In the same way it can make you happier, it can always make them happier.  If you’re fighting to try to keep this person you love close to you then it’s going to show them how much you truly love them.  Make sure to fight for someone who’s worth it.

It keeps the relationship alive

If you never fight then the relationship starts to get boring because you’re always agreeing with each other. If that’s the case then one of you is probably lying to the other about some things.  Always agreeing makes for boring talks and lame dates.

It proves it’s not a fake relationship

Arguing, like I said earlier, can show someone you really care for them.  By arguing it shows that this is someone you want to keep in your life, and that it’s not a fake relationship.  This will make your relationship stronger.

It’s natural

Let’s be real, arguing is natural.  It can be over stupid things like where to go to dinner or it could be over a serious matter.  Whatever you argue about it was probably meant to happen, and there’s probably no way to avoid that.  If you’ve never argued with someone you’re dating I would be a little suspicious if I were you.

Fighting can lead to good make-up sex

Ahh make-up sex. If y’all get really mad at each other, but end up making up you’ll probably end up having some “I’m sorry” sex.  You know what they say, I miss you and make-up sex are the best sex.

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