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9 Reasons Why Getting a College Degree is Super Important Even if You Think It’s a Waste of Time

Though going through the hours of extensive amounts of studying, endless amounts of homework, and the bore of lackluster professors may be excruciatingly tiring the benefits that come with completing college seemingly outweigh everything else. Nearly everyone has a degree today or some kind of certification that says, “I have been properly trained in the field of (your major).” More importantly however, as one hiring manager of ESPN once told me after I inquired in regard to such: “it shows that you endured. You were able to complete some shit you really didn’t want to do.” While that answer supplies a an employers perspective of the matter, it also sheds light on a little life lesson.

We often work to the point of frustration or boredom rather than working until completion, hence the reason so much that we truly want to do gets put off for so long. Of course at the same time it could be said that we also have to endure much of what we don’t want to do, hence the reason our own ambitions get placed on the back burner. However, in this case specifically we’re speaking of the opportunities that come along with completion.

When people see that you’re able to complete something it reassures them of your dedication, of your discipline. Such is shown in completing a college degree, specifically if it actually is a field of study that you truly do enjoy. They very opposite can be said, if you don’t complete it and you truly enjoy and desire to be in that same field however. People then being to wonder, “well if you enjoy it so much, why aren’t you spending time finding ways to get better?”

Ultimately, getting the degree is the simplest way of getting your foot in the door. The character you build while enduring challenges and complications that arise as you earn in it are what will truly benefit in the long run, as such are guaranteed to arise even after you achieve your goal.

The Number of People With Degrees is Growing

The number of people with degrees are growing. Last year the Census Bureau reported that nearly 35% of American’s have degrees today, making the job market that much more competitive. That also means it’s twice as hard to acquire a decent job without a degree as well.

Creating a Back-Up Plan

Perhaps what you really wish to do, doesn’t quite require a degree. In that case, earning a degree in a field similar, or a field that could assist with possibly getting you somewhere closer to that goal can serve as a backdoor to doing such. Seek all options and methods of achieving such.

Showing Your Desire

On paper, it looks rather impressive to see someone that is dedicated to learning more about that which they’re interested in. Employers want to find those that are always looking to expand their way of thinking. They are much more preferred than those who seem to be one-dimensional.


Completing college is one thing, however, attending is another. The campus environment allows you to connect with people across all majors that you can possibly work with to reach each others goals.


Speaking with Professors and showing that you are eager to learn often leaves a memorable impression. Most of the time your Professors are willing to act as a point of reference or perhaps may even know someone that may be able to assist you in reaching your goal.

Employment Resources

Schools often have a networking database where alumni are seeking to hire others from their school, or can provide assistance. It’s a decent tool to have and utilize. However, you can’t access it if you don’t attend.

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Getting your degree doesn’t automatically grant you rights to a job. It can, however, get your foot in the door and get you noticed a little more than someone who doesn’t have it.

Building Your Endurance

Enduring hours on top of hours of homework can eventually benefit you in that they prepare you for the job you may have in the future that require you to complete time consuming tasks. It becomes a little easier once you have done it prior, the anguish becomes faint (especially if you’re doing something you enjoy).

Deciding if it’s Really What You Wish to Do

Pursuing a degree gives you the ability to kind of test the water so to speak. You can make a decision as to whether or not a specific field is the one which you truly wish to be in. If you find that it isn’t you can (though costly) you can simply change your major and join another field of study that better suits your desires.

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