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9 Reasons Instant Physical Attraction Actually is Important

People love to be physically attracted to one another. It’s no secret. We love to date other people based on their looks.

We go on dating apps and we swipe accordingly based on physical attraction. It’s not something we talk about openly, but everyone is guilty of it. You’re not fooling anyone. Long captions aren’t being read, it’s all about the profile picture.

We can downplay physical attraction all we want, but it matters. We focus on it, and it can be the be all, end all in some cases. Dating is important and physical attraction needs to be there for there to be success.

Makes Dating Easier 

When we date someone we’re attracted to, chances are we’ll have a good time. We make more of an effort to make sure conversations go well and keep the overall date in good standing. Dating people you’re not attracted to may be rough and make for a long evening with plenty of awkwardness.

They Are Your Focus Whenever You’re Together

If you’re in a relationship with this person, you will be spending a lot of time with them. That’s the whole point of dating. Why be with someone if you’re not fully attracted to them? That just doesn’t sound like fun. Be with someone who you’ll enjoy being with, but also someone you’ll enjoy looking at.

Your Parents Won’t Complain

I’ve heard some horror stories of parents getting too involved. For this one, however, your parents may not have much to say. If you date someone who’s clearly attractive, that might already win your parents over. Match that with some great conversational skills and you’ve got a family-friendly winner.

Your Friends Will Be Jealous

You know what I’m talking about. Your girlfriends won’t stop gassing your relationship up. Your best buds will continuously drool over your gal. You’ll play it cool and whatnot, but you know it’s a big deal. Good on you, your friends love you and wish you the best.

It Turns You On 

Let’s wind it back. Physical attraction is important because it turns you on. Yes, we date based on attraction and that’s ok. You want to be with someone who you find sexy, want to be with and want to spend time with. If this is lacking, it’ll just be an awful time for all involved.

Self Esteem Goes Up

It makes you feel wanted. Knowing that you’re with an attractive person can boost your morale. It will help you shine as a person and make you excel when you know your worth. It’s like winning the first-place prize, except the prize is a wonderful person.

Sex Drive Rises

If you’re physically attracted, you’ll want to have sex with them. And lots of it. You’ll take advantage of any free time and plan accordingly. Being with an attractive person makes for a more active sex life. You’ll feel great mentally and physically, and you will have a great time throughout the relationship.

Honest Relationship

When physically attracted, you want things to be perfect all the time. You don’t want to mess up a good thing. That being said, honesty plays a huge role in this. You’ll be less inclined to lie to your date when attracted to them. Cherish the relationship and keep it all honest.

The Thought Never Goes Away

You will hate yourself for settling down too early. The thought of what could’ve been will haunt you. We make decisions too quickly sometimes and put ourselves in tough predicaments. You will always wonder if you could’ve settled with someone more attractive. That doesn’t sound pleasant and should really help us see why it’s important to date who we want. And not just think about who we want to date, but also what they look like.

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