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9 Reasons Letting Your Guard Down Will Lead to a Better Sex Life

Sometimes past experiences, or insecurities, can cause us to create walls, preventing other from getting in, even those closest to us. And having these walls can effect different aspects of your life, including your sex life.

Now if your having sex with a stranger, or someone whom your still getting to know, then its understandable for you to have your guard up. But if you still have your guard up with the person whom you’ve been dating for a while now, then you need to start opening up more.

You won’t have to worry to much about being nervous

When you have your guard up, it’s because all the reasons as to why you need to have your guard up is racing through your mind. If your mind is somewhere else, or your feeling stressed out, it can make it difficult for you to become aroused or for you climax.

You’ll feel more relaxed, and enjoy the experience more

Letting down your guard can make you feel more relaxed during sex and allow you to enjoy the experience more. With your guard up you might be tense, and you don’t allow yourself to fully enjoy the experience.

You’ll be able to trust your partner more during sex

Letting down your guard means your allowing yourself to trust your partner more. It might be a big step for you, but it’ll allow you to relax while they take charge once in a while, so you can just enjoy.

You’ll be more willing to try knew things

When your guard is down, you might find yourself feeling more comfortable and more willing to try new things. These are things which you may have never considered, or were to insecure, or afraid to try while your guard was up. But now that you’re more open, you can new experience new things which might end up improving your sex life.

It’ll help improve communication during sex

Being more open to your partner outside the bedroom, will improve communication in the bedroom. In order for them to know that what they’re doing is good or bad, you need to be able to communicate with them. And the same goes for you. They need to feel as though they can communicate with you about what they like and dislike in order for the sex to improve.

It will prevent you from hesitating

Let down your guard so you no longer hesitate and disrupt the flow. If there’s something you want to do or try, you should allow yourself to (with consent of your partner, of course). But if you’re just going to lay in bed doing nothing then the sex will never get good. Keeping your guard up will only hold you back from doing the things you want to do in bed.

The closer you feel to them, the more desirable they become

The closer you feel to them outside the bedroom, the more you will desire to be closer to them in a more intimate and sexual way. This desire is will motivate you to

You can feel safe and comfortable during sex

When you finally let your guard down, that means you’ll allow yourself to feel as if you are in a safe place, which is very comforting during sex. Sex should be fun, exciting, and can be quite primal. But no matter how wild it gets, it’s great to know that you are safe with person you are with, and that they won’t hurt you … too much (depending what you’re into).

Your partner will no longer feel as though they need to hold back

Letting your guard down not only benefits your sexual experience but your partner’s as well. Your partner will no longer feel the need to hold back, or guess what it is your comfortable with doing. Letting your guars down allows them to take off the security bumpers and finally be able to have sex with you comfortably with no restrictions.


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