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9 Reasons Why You Need to Date Someone Who Wants to Build With You

We live in a society today in which we have unlimited options. There’s no reason for anyone to settle for any less than they feel they deserve in regards to everything. So why do we so often do so when in pertinence to relationships? Do we come blinded due to our emotional fatigue and need of companionship, that we accept anything? Do we become so blinded by the way we feel that we simply look over behaviors we normally wouldn’t?

What good does it do you to be with a person that isn’t assisting you in climbing the ladder to success? What good is it if that person isn’t assisting you in your growth as an individual? These are all questions that  need to be carefully assessed when picking a significant other. Think before you “settle” down and keep in mind that you’re looking to become part of a successful “team.”

Here are 9 things you get out of of dating someone who wants to build with you.


You need someone that’s going to feed you the daily mental nourishment to carry on throughout your setbacks and downfalls. You need someone that who’s feelings won’t waiver during such trying times, but rather is there to tell you to keep going.

The Pace

Imagine if you were the only one of you that actually has the initiative to chase down your goals. Leaves things kind of lopsided right? While you’re making your way towards your goals, your significant other is rather stagnant and is sure to only slow you down.

Level Up

Having someone in your life that’s just as motivate you inspire a healthy competition of sorts. Seeing them level up, often times will make you push yourself to reach that next level.

A Greater Sense of Understanding

They understand that not everything is all about them, that they’re just a (big) piece of your life but that you have individual goals that you seek to accomplish as well.


When the both of you are motivated enough to chase down the things you want in life it nearly seems the two of you can do just about anything, and at the rate you’ll be going that statement will probably be quite factual. Individually the two of you are powerful in that you have the will to progress, together you exceed that being that there’s always someone there to inspire you to proceed when that voice in your head saying “you can’t” becomes a little too loud.

An Exceeding Level Commitment 

People who are motivated are more committed to seeing their goals through. Your relationship becomes one of those goals, something they seek to make the best they possibly can by any means possible.

The Best Venting Sessions

They likely go through, or have gone through, the same episodes you have while on the way to grasping the rings of success and can often offer you uplifting and helpful information during a good venting session.

Great Communication

One of the primary keys to success is communication. Communicative people are often successful people, and likewise successful people are well motivated. A motivated parter has no problem calling you out when you’re not on your game, or feels you’re slacking.

You’ll Learn Something New Everyday

Even if things don’t work out between the two of you as partners, you’ll find you’ve taken things from a motivational partner that you can apply in your day-to-day life, for the the rest of your life.

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